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Open Grave

Open Grave begins with a man opening his eyes… and the terror begins.

He soon discovers that he’s been thrown into a massive pit full of bodies in the middle of a thunderstorm with no recollection of anything, including his own identity.

Shortly after, a strange woman throws down a rope to help him escape the pit. From there, he discovers a house in a remote forest where he finds a distrusting group of people that are just as oblivious and have no idea how they got there, where they are… or who they are.

This excellent movie moves on from there to tell the suspenseful story of what happens to them as the horrors of their location and memories begin to surface as each of them reveal collective pieces to the puzzle until the mystery of Open Grave is finally revealed.

This movie captured my attention immediately, quickly becoming apparent that this wasn’t your typical “been there done that” film. I was intrigued by the mysteries surrounding their remote location and biting my nails half way through the film.

I could find nothing to dislike about Open Grave and I loved its originality, mixing mystery and horror seamlessly to deliver an edge-of-your-seat thriller.

Highly recommended :)


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