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Hello everyone. This will be my last update for 2017 as I work hard on finishing the final two chapters of Tony’s story arc, All Is Lost, which will resume on Monday, January 1st, 2018. As mentioned in my previous update, the next chapter, in part, will be delving into the past of our former Shadow Dead character, Alysa Monroe, to find out more about this mysterious and dangerous woman. And… as what often happens in this story, I was pleasantly surprised by a sudden change in direction for the next chapter. First, Chapter 42 (or the fourth chapter of Book Five) will now be titled, The Kill Room. I know, sounds terrifying, right? Our cast of characters will still be arriving in West Farmington Village a few days after their shocking discovery out at Mosquito Creek Lake, but everything will go to shit very rapidly. In the next chapter, we will be reacquainted with several characters we’ve met in previous story arcs, but there’s three in particular that even caught me by surprise, causing our story to turn left a bit instead of the intended right that my original plot line intended… and I love that.

Aside from that, the final chapter of Tony’s arc will be a much longer story than I originally intended, leading our characters into a very dark place full of Lunatics… and God only knows what else.

After these final two chapters, finishing up this current arc, we will immediately continue into the new arc, titled, The Nomad, centered around what happened to Gina Melborn, picking up around a month after she was exiled.

I can’t say much else without entering spoiler territory, so I’ll just stop there.

I look forward to catching up with all of you and continuing this long dark journey into the new year. Until then, I hope you all have a great Christmas and New Years.

See you soon,



Just checking in folks. Sorry for the delayed final two episodes of Chapter Three: Siege last week. I was dealing with sickness and a busier than usual week (talk about bad timing).

Well, we’ve reached the holiday season once more and this is where I like taking a brief hiatus from the serial while I prepare for the next run in January. It’s also super busy around the holidays, as I’m sure you all know, so we’ll just call this the mid-season break. As mentioned in my last post, Don’t Feed The Dark will resume on Monday, January 1st, 2018, and will continue until the completion of Book Five.

Starting in January, we will finish up the last two chapters in the current story arc, All Is Lost. What I can tell you about the final two chapters is that Tony and his odd assortment of travelling companions, after the shocking discovery of what they stumbled into out at Mosquito Creek Lake, will arrive several days later at the town of West Farmington, in what could be considered ‘hostile territory’… or more hostile territory… lol. They will find out quite a bit about their current quest to locate the notorious Lunatics, as well as some other things. During their stay, we will take a trip into the past through Alysa Monroe’s perspective, and delve into the mysterious Shadow Dead, for a flashback story.

Afterwards, the final chapter of this arc will conclude with our survivors finding the Lunatics… and they’ll probably wish they hadn’t. For those familiar with northeast Ohio, that final confrontation will take place at the former amusement park, Geauga Lake. And that’s all I can say about it.

Immediately following the conclusion of this arc, we will move on into the next arc, and the final arc for Book Five, titled, The Nomad. The story time line will pick up roughly a month after Gina was exiled, as we discover what happened to her… as well as what happened when Marcus, a.k.a. Russell Bower, finally caught up with her. There will be a few other surprises as well, nothing I can mention of course, but it will be… crazy.

And for those of you who are asking, “What the hell happened to Meredith, Stephen, Logan and Megan, when they entered the mysterious door during the Shadow Dead attack?” The quick answer is: Book Six: Mother… and that’s all I can say on that for now.

Other than that, I was astonished to discover that the first three chapters of this book are already 97,000 words, pushing the total word count for this series past 780,000 words spread out over 234 episodes! Damn, this is getting long… lol. When we hit the one million mark, which I feel confident that we will, we’ll have to celebrate it somehow.

Well, that’s it for now. As always, I’ll try to get another episode or two of After The Dark, my online DFTD talk show, out before we return in January (time dependent).

I want to thank everyone for reading and continuing to support the cause in any way you can by spreading the word about Don’t Feed The Dark.

As always, please keep voting for The Dark as often as you can (at least once a week) over at Top Web Fiction to help keep my serial listed and find new readers. The longer I remain on that list the more visibility my story receives. All you have to do is click the link above and vote… that’s it.

That’s all for now. I hope to see you all back in January. If I don’t hear from you by then, I hope you all enjoy your holidays.




Hello Everyone,

Just a quick update from behind the scenes.

I’m slowly working on the first chapter for DFTD Book 5 (currently untitled), while enjoying some much needed rest. I’m also planning on editing Book 4 over the summer, time permitting.

If you haven’t found out already, I’ve removed the “Updates” tab on the top of the main page and replaced it with the “Other Short Works” tab. This will now be the place where I post links to additional short stories I’ve written that aren’t DFTD related, as well as some dark poetry, etc., that I will update as I post more material.

Also, the newest episode of After The Dark is now available, titled: The Killer Cut (Part One). This is part one of a two part episode featuring our latest special guest, Marcus Dempsey (a.k.a. Russell Bower). I’ll be posting the second part of this intriguing interview as soon as it becomes available.

In case you missed it on the main sticky page, a special thanks goes out to author, Michael Fitzgerald (Rev. Fitz), for featuring Don’t Feed The Dark on his, 31 Days of First Impressions Challenge, which he has now completed. I encourage you all to come on over to Michael’s website and read all about it. Also, Michael is currently writing a fascinating serial novel, titled, Existential Terror and Breakfast. I’ve enjoyed what I’ve read so far and it’s definitely worth a read.

Lastly, the latest update link, as well as any additional news, will be posted on the bottom of the sticky post on the main page from now on.

That’s all for now. I’ll check back in a little later.