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Scott Scherr is an aspiring fiction author and poet who lives in Northeast Ohio with his wife and five children. His ultimate dream job is to be a screenwriter for “The Lost Chronicles” which he hopes J.J. Abrams will green light one day so that Scott’s favorite television show, Lost, will return to answer all our mind-boggling questions. But until then… Zombies!

He has worked full time in the nuclear industry for the last 14 years and has served in the United States Navy prior to that.

To date, Scott has written and published ten books either under his given name or his alter-ego name, John Ecko.  He is currently writing the seventh book in his apocalyptic series, titled, Don’t Feed The Dark, Book Seven:  The Prophet, due out spring 2020.

Scott has written numerous flash fiction and short stories as well as a variety of poems from traditional to free verse. He also lets John Ecko loose on occasion, who dabbles in experimental concrete poetry that can be found at his website, Eckovision.


While Scott is enjoying his journey into the zombie apocalypse, he is also working on a collaborative work with author, Michael J. Raymond, titled, Inn Situ. To find out more about this project, please visit:


Scott has won a handful of online poetry contests and has been featured on several websites. Below are a list of some of his more notable credits:

Signs of Life Cover

Released in 2009: Signs of Life is a unique collection of visual/concrete poems that stretch the imagination, taking the reader on a journey beneath the surface of man. From love to hate, politics to religion, the beautiful to the macabre; this book explores the many footprints left by the human race for the better, and sometimes the worse.

Madhouse Theater Cover

Released in 2010 (Discontinued in Print):  From the collaborative madness of story teller and poet, Scott Scherr, and visual poet, John Ecko, comes this twisted collection of short stories, poetry, and visual nightmares from the darkest corners of their unbalanced minds. The stage is set, our props have been sharpened and our cast of characters are ready to perform their torture on you, fair reader. Within these pages wait a vast assortment of sickos, maniacs, boogeyman, monsters, myths, ghosts and much, much more. Please, take your seats and welcome to the theater. We hope you enjoy the show…although you’ve been here all along.

Helium Holidays 2010

Released in 2010: The holiday stories in Holidays 2010: A Sample of the Creative Talent from Helium.com were put together to give a wide-angled view of the winter holidays celebrated by many of the Helium.com writers. From stories on Christmas traditions handed down and favorite holiday memories, to poetry celebrating the themes and meaning surrounding the season, we hope this book will remind you of your own favorite holiday memories, and encourage you to share them with your loved ones, too. Christmas poetry, Hanukkah stories, holiday traditions – it’s all in Holidays 2010: A Sample of the Creative Talent from Helium.com. Each piece of writing was chosen from helium.com based on quality and topic. Helium is a knowledge co-operative in which our writers are also our editors, reading and rating every article on the site. Writers from around the globe contribute viewpoints and opinions on a variety of topics. In this case, that topic is the story-rich holiday season. This book makes a great gift for aspiring writers and holiday lovers alike. We hope it inspires readers to share their own holiday memories, and maybe even write some down to be cherished for years to come. Scott had two poems featured in this collection.

Kingdoms of the Young Cover

Released in 2011: Kingdoms of the Young is a collection of poetry that explores the triumphs of the youthful spirit and the value of maintaining its perspective in a world moving far too fast. May you be encouraged and uplifted by these hope inspired poems as Scott writes about dreams, love, youth, hope, God and living life, as well as his thoughts on the value of poetry itself. Dream big, stay young.

Almost Human Cover

Released in 2011: Almost Human is a collection of poetry that takes a deep look into the corrupted soul of mankind, and his journey into pursuing something more than self. What is his relationship and effects on our tired planet, on each other, and just how far have we come to spread the plague of indifference? Love born out of a broken and humble place is the only solution to collectively climbing back out of the darkness on our way back to humanity.

Frightmares Cover

Released in 2011: We are not sure how many body pieces Victor Frankenstein used to create his “monster,” but it is likely he used a lot less than Dark Moon Books did in stitching this creation together. It was pointed out during the proofreading and editing process that the table of contents included more words (nearly 800 at last count) than any of the individual stories. It was an interesting observation, but it proves a point. A well-written, complete story can be told with very few words. So, here it is in all of its nightmarish, ghoulish glory, Frightmares: A Fistful of Flash Fiction. It is packed with 129 tales that will rattle your bones, cause you to ponder your future, make you lose some sleep and, yes, even bring a smile to blood-smeared lips. The creation is sewn up tight and ready for a jolt of lightning to bring it to life. And, yes, that time has come, my friends. “It Lives!” Scott’s flash fiction story, ‘The Buoy’ was featured in this collection.

The Broke Ones cover

Released in 2012: This book brings a unique and beautifully personal look into the way the human heart handles suffering, and can create amazing pieces of art which are felt and understood universally. Words that are spoken from the depths of every emotion; the hidden feelings through each painted line, can capture people’s imagination and force them not only to look inside themselves, but to try harder to find the courage and strength to carry on, and more importantly: to know that they are not alone. Each and every piece of art tells a story, in flashbacks of broken images and thoughtful endurance, and deserve to be heard, if willing to be told. The Broke Ones shows some of the most gifted and talented underground artists at their best in this heartbreakingly stunning collection of poetry, art and photography. Many voices and individual styles come together and beat as one. Dedicated to all of those that have dealt with mental illness intimately, because on those darkest days, it is easily forgotten that their life is a gift and never a curse. John Ecko had three pieces featured in this collection.

Southbound Nightmares

Released in 2015 (Discontinued in Print.  New Edition Pending): Something malevolent has awoken in Northeast Ohio. Former acquaintances, neighbors, loved ones—all at random—transform into flesh-craving monsters hell bent on devouring the living. Corpses are rising from their places of unrest. Nocturnal animal-man hybrids hunt in packs. The dead are awakening from within the living. By morning, the sun weeps over streets splattered blood-red as an unsettling silence soon follows, lulling the broken remains of society into believing the blood bath is over. As a second wave approaches, a handful of survivors from all walks of life must put aside their differences and band together to escape the pending slaughter while storm clouds begin to gather from within their fragile community. Some who were once respectable in the eyes of society will devolve into madness while the despicable rise to the occasion in a world no longer respecting of persons. It is their world now. The dead are hungry and do not discriminate.

Book Two Medium

Released in 2015 (Discontinued in Print. New Edition Pending):   A devastating outbreak, known commonly as The Change, has swept through Northeast Ohio turning one in every five people into yellow-eyed, flesh-craving monsters… at random. Friends, neighbors and loved ones have turned into the enemy, leaving the remains of humanity to fight for survival. As sporadic as the effects of the mysterious virus, so are the mutations which follow… After a disastrous attempt to flee the coast by boat, Gina Melborn, former exotic dancer, is now the leader of a small group of survivors who can barely manage to keep from killing each other as the dead hunt them relentlessly through the heart of infected towns and countryside while they struggle with every breath to reach the Ashtabula Community they first learned about while listening to a CB radio broadcast.  Along the way, they encounter a nightmarish landscape full of unimaginable horrors and startling revelations as survivors try to keep the vestiges of hope alive while the fine line between Man and Monster becomes blurred in a world where morality is slowly consumed by desperation and dust.  Don’t Feed The Dark: Almost Dead is the second book in this nail-biting series which promises to raise the stakes and the intensity level as we begin to look into the faces of the most terrifying monsters of all… ourselves.


Released in 2016 (Discontinued in Print. New Edition Pending):  A devastating outbreak, known commonly as The Change, has swept through Northeast Ohio turning one in every five people into yellow-eyed, flesh-craving monsters… at random. Friends, neighbors and loved ones have turned into the enemy, leaving the remains of humanity to fight for survival. As sporadic as the effects of the mysterious virus, so are the mutations which follow…Gina Melborn and the remains of her desperate group, begin to devolve as we discover what happened after a fatal shot from a rooftop claims another of their own, sending some of them spiraling downward into vengeance and a lust for blood which rivals the dead.  With the survivors on the brink of losing their own humanity at the edge of hopelessness, they soon discover a new, darker threat which has finally caught up with them in the small town of Andover, Ohio. The meaning of the mysterious three-pronged symbol with an eye finally begins to take on form as everything quickly changes, leaving each of them with hard choices to make.  Don’t Feed The Dark: Recruits is the third book in this suspenseful series which will begin to dig deeper and demand more from Gina than she ever thought herself capable of… or else lose herself to the darkness clawing away at her heart.


If you’re enjoying “Don’t Feed The Dark”, please pass the word via social media and be sure to vote for my story once a week at topwebfiction by clicking the zombie kitty on my main page to keep me listed.

Thanks for stopping by, reading, and supporting the cause.

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    Nice work!


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