So, here we are again. One more massive volume of this dark saga complete. By the numbers, not only is Book Six the new longest book in the series, clocking in at over 305,000 words (yeah… I know, right), but this last chapter, Treachery, is now the longest chapter in the series at over 64,000 words… whew! I had no idea at the start of this challenging book that it would get this long, but it did. I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised… lol.

Book Six was the most difficult (and intimidating) volume to write in this series because I knew it was answer time, which meant getting into the ‘origin story’. I must say, since the second chapter, I’ve had my eyes opened wide and my jaw hitting the floor at many of the revelations that came out of this book. When I discovered that Meredith was ‘ground zero’… I was like, “Shit! Didn’t see that coming… at all!”

Of course, along with the many surprises I experienced writing this final chapter to the second major arc in the series, I always knew that this was going to be Meredith’s final act. That’s why so much of this story was centered around her character and past. I wanted this special woman to have her time in the spotlight and finally tackle a lot of the tough questions and mysteries surrounding her life and the people in it. I was delighted to finally get around to writing about Hannah and Frank’s connection to Meredith, a question that’s been lingering since Book One.

I’ve endeavored to tell the best origin story I could without slowing things down too much. I know there were times when these chapters seemed like they’d never end… lol. Hopefully, I’ve covered and answered as many questions as possible about the Mother organization and how it evolved.

I knew that this was also going to be Nicole Howard’s finale book and I thought it was very cool that she got to be there at the end to help Meredith send Toby back into the darkness.

Returning to finish the New Cleveland arc of this story was a lot of fun, especially when I got to bring back Herbie and show how he’d changed since his days as a strip club owner. I was hoping poor Wendy would make it to the next book, but things just went from bad to worse for her and it just wasn’t meant to be. A part of me was really looking forward to exploring her ‘pacifist’ character more going into the next book, but it just didn’t work out. The one that really hurt was finding out that Nine’s new friend, the girl named Joe, was going to be hung from the old rollercoaster. I knew that one was going to suck… especially for Nine. And Diane’s reaction to Nadia’s betrayal? Damn! I felt as shocked as Tony and the others when that occurred. And then, the return of Orosco… to find out that his ‘new group’ is a bunch of Mother rebels… didn’t see that coming either. I’ve said this before, I love it when I’m surprised by how this story turns, and it’s exciting to write a story like this that doesn’t always follow the script. It’s like, this story is already written, and I’m just being fed the tale in portions when it’s time to tell it.

Well, I could go on an on about so much that’s happened, but I’ll stop there. If anyone has questions about anything that you may have found confusing, ask away, I’ll endeavor to answer what I can so as long as they don’t enter spoiler territory.

So, what’s coming next?

I’m glad you asked… lol.

Some time next spring, the first of the final two books in this series will premiere. Book Seven: The Prophet, will begin with most of my remaining survivors together for the first time since the end of Book Four. The opening chapter, tentatively titled, Anniversary, will begin a few months after the end of Book Six, one year after The Change. I can’t say too much right now, but it will involve a ceremony of some sort, commemorating everyone who has survived that first long year.

What I can also add about Book Seven is that everyone will be in it. So before you ask, “What the hell happened to Russell and Alysa?” Not to worry, that story will be covered. I’ve lots of stories left to cover in these final two books, stories I’ve been seeding or just been waiting to tell for a real long time.

Now that I’ve survived writing Book Six, and I can put that ‘Mother’ of a story in the rearview mirror, I expect to have a blast with these last two volumes.

Well, that’s all I have for now. I’m already jumping into Book Seven. Again, if you have questions about anything, feel free to ask, and I’ll answer them here.

See you spring 2020. I’ll post updates along the way.

As always, thanks for reading and for your encouraging comments either here or in the other places this story is posted. If I don’t hear from you, I hope you all have a great Christmas and New Years.



  1. Pam Farless says:

    Thank you so much for the awesome storytelling. I’ve enjoyed every chapter .These last six books have covered quite the journey by our survivors and yay it’s not over yet. We still have two more books of your amazing writing to look forward to. Thank you! See you in the spring!


    • sscherr says:

      Thanks Pam for the encouraging response. I’m glad you’ve enjoyed this long six-book ride so far. Two more to go. Look forward to seeing you at the end. We’re getting there now ;)


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