Just a quick update on the schedule (again *sigh*). Sorry about all these erratic postings. I knew November was going to get busy, that’s why I so wanted to finish Book Six in October. But alas, here we are. I’m right in the middle of what should be the first of the final two episodes… but I’m not ready to post yet. I will try to finish it up this week. I just ask for your patience while I’m juggling around too many ‘real world’ obligations at the moment. Not to worry though, I am getting it finished, it’s just hard to find time to write in the middle of my busy-ass schedule. Again, my apologies ;)



If you’re enjoying Don’t Feed The Dark so far, please consider voting for it on Top Web Fiction and Top Site List by clicking the links below. This will help increase its visibility and draw in more potential readers. No registration is required. Thanks for your support and for reading :)

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