Hey, everyone. Just a quick check in for the month of October. We are now into the final chapter of Book Six, Mother. I’m looking forward to completing this very challenging volume with all of you. There’s been so much happening in this book with a lot of surprises that even I didn’t see coming… lol. I am currently writing like a madman to get this final chapter completed. I’m estimating eight episodes with a finale set for Halloween night (and that’s fitting since I started Book Six on Halloween last year). I think that even if this runs over eight episodes, I’ll still post the finale on Halloween and just post extra episodes to get us there.

Judging by what’s coming out in the writing, it looks like each of these final episodes are going to be what I call ‘mega episodes’, which means they might all run significantly longer than usual.

Speaking of long, Book Six has officially become the new longest book in this series (gee… surprise, surprise), already clocking in at over 260,000 words.

Aside from that, and everything else that I can’t tell you, I’m still planning on jumping right into Book Seven as soon as this volume is complete. As far as a Book Seven release date, all I can say at the moment is that it will probably be Spring 2020. But I’ll know more on that later.

For now, I hope you enjoy this last chapter and thanks for sticking with me through this incredibly long saga into The Dark.



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