Just a quick update.

Well, I almost pulled it off before my work schedule increased. Chapter 49: Lions in the Dark is nearly completed. I’ve got just a handful of scenes left to write and this arc is finished. It turned into another long one. This current chapter will run ten or eleven episodes. Tons of spoilers in this chapter so I’m not going to say anything… lol.

I’ve already begun the ground work for the next arc which will be titled, Part XI: To Market. We will be headed back to New Cleveland to find out the fate of Tony, Nine, Diane, Mark, Wendy, and Sergeant Hash to complete that storyline. It’s gonna be another wild ride… lol. It’s slated for three chapters.

I’ve done the math. Episode seven of the current chapter will mark 1,000,000 plus words posted online. I’m working on something special for that week. I look forward to celebrating this huge milestone with all of you.

Aside from that, I’ve put plans for the DFTD Timeline on hold for now. What I have done is placed a new chapter index tab at the top of the page for all of you to have a better way to ‘bookmark’ where you are while reading with a more detailed chapter listing. You can still scroll down using the sidebar, but I just wanted another place to locate chapters, including all the current Spin-Off stories placed where I believe they fit into the storyline best. Also, from this new chapter index tab, you’ll be able to peek at what I have planned for future arcs and where I’m currently at in the writing.

That’s it for now, I look forward to hearing from you all in the comments. As always, thanks for reading and for faithfully voting each week at topwebfiction for my story and sharing it on your social media platforms to help others find this story.

See you Wednesday,


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