Hello Everyone. Sorry for the long silence but I’ve been extremely busy the last couple of months. I wanted to swim up to the surface long enough to update you on what’s happening with Don’t Feed The Dark.

Starting next week, I will be releasing the fifth DFTD spin-off story, titled, Elsewhere, which ties in with The Scientist, the Salesman, and the Serpent (the fourth spin-off story that I released last month). Both stories add some additional information to existing storylines as well as setting up tales to come in Book Six.

Additionally, I will be posting a new episode of After The Dark, my DFTD talk show, which will feature our favorite post-apocalyptic medium, Meredith Montgomery, who will join our host, John Ecko as they discuss further details of what to expect from the first arc of Book Six.

There are also some bonus teasers planned primarily dealing with former teacher, Stephen Eddington, and what he discovered in the pages of a certain notebook written by Nicole Howard near the conclusion of Book Four. The teaser segments will be titled, A Higher Education: The Continuing Tales of My Rebirth

That’s right, we’re going to be jumping around all over the place in Book Six, with the first arc, titled, Revelations, taking us back to where we left off in the first chapter of Book Five, when Meredith, Stephen, Logan and Megan barely survived the Shadow Dead attack on the compound by escaping through the mystery door. That first arc will be delving into all sorts of creepy stuff, and as the title of the arc suggests, we’re going to get some answers to the many questions that have been surrounding the dark organization known as Mother.

The premiere episode of Don’t Feed The Dark, Book Six: Mother is slated for Halloween… and the first chapter is perfectly suited for it since we will be descending into some very dark and haunted places from the very start of this new book.

Due to how busy my life has been over the last few months, it’s been hard to get as much writing completed as I’ve wanted (it’s also taking quite a bit of time to scrutinize each of these new episodes to make sure I’ve covered everything). I almost opted to postpone the premiere until January, but have decided on altering my posting schedule instead. So… until further notice, I will be posting new episodes once a week, every Wednesday after the premiere. But not to worry, each episode will be of considerable length. I’m hoping to go back up to twice a week starting in January.

I would appreciate it if you all could help me get back listed on Top Web Fiction by resuming to vote every seven days for DFTD. You can click this link here To Vote, or just click the cat in the corner of the homepage.

Well, that’s all for now. I want to thank you all for your patience during these necessary breaks, and I hope you enjoy the next leg in this long, dark journey. See you soon.



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    Love to read it,


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