Hello Everyone,

I just wanted to check in once more before the Book Five premiere. Just a quick reminder: Don’t Feed The Dark, Book Five: Remains, will start next Monday, August 28th. From that point on, new episodes will be posted every Monday and Thursday until the holiday break around the middle of November.

As far as where I’m at with the new story, I’m currently finishing up Chapter 2. I’ve already written over 50,000 words in two chapters, so… yes… this is shaping up to be another long book. I can’t tell you too much, but Book Five will cover two story arcs, the first being five chapters long. The first chapter is six episodes, and the second is eight episodes. I expect chapter three to be even longer… lol. So basically, the first seven weeks of the serial are nearly completed.

Aside from that, I will continue to post new episodes of After The Dark at the conclusion of each chapter (time permitting), and I’ll let John loose to interview some new characters from the story and field any questions you may have.

For returning readers who would like a brief refresher course on the past four books before starting Book Five, I’ve updated my synopsis page and you can check it out HERE or on my sticky post.

And don’t forget to keep on voting for DFTD at Top Web Fiction to keep me listed. You can vote every seven days (more than that if you vote from different devices). I would love to see my story climb the charts for a little while. Thanks for supporting the cause and helping more readers find out about this series. Here’s the link: Vote Now. You can also vote by clicking on the kitty up in the upper left hand corner of my home page.

I can’t really talk about story details at the moment without getting into spoilers, so I’ll just stop there. I’m looking forward to hearing from all of you next week.



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