Tammy Sirl, that preacher’s girl, was up to no damn good.
Howard’s son, the reckless one, took her to Creed Woods.
Everybody knows you don’t go messin’ ‘round those parts.

Hadn’t been that long since Sally Strong was torn apart.
Aroused by preacher’s child, that foolish boy done lost his head.
Nothin’ could dissuade him gettin’ laid ‘cause Tammy said:
Got the balls to jump the wall and spend the night at Creeds?
If you do (that devil wooed) you’ll have your way with me.
Nine o’clock, the sun was shot, they took the old Creed drive.
Got real close to Sally’s ghost, then parked along the side.

Only then did fear kick in, as both recalled the tale.
Fourteen parts—And Sally’s heart—were scattered on the trail.

Justise Creed, the last lone Creed, had died to ways of Man.
Uncivilized, his savage side, took root and roamed the land.
Sally Strong had wandered long while hiking close to dusk.
Terrified, she moaned and cried, ‘till Justise fetched her up.
Incited by trespass, he slashed that girl from toe to head;
Sliced alive, right down to size, then rumors said he fed.
Everybody searched for Sally Strong a long, long time.

Creed was found, inflamed the town; they hung him from a vine.
Remembering such horrid things brought Howard’s son to pause.
Even Tammy Sirl, that whorish girl, gave up her cause.
Evenin’ swallowed up the path but not the wrath of Creed.
Danglin’ overhead with dread, they found him in his tree.


“The Hanging of Justise Creed” Copyright © 2010 Scott Scherr. All rights reserved.

If you’re new to my blog and want to read something a bit longer, feel free to check out my ongoing serial novel, Don’t Feed The Dark, and tell me what you think: DFTD Chapter 1-1: Demon Night


(Note: This is a story poem written in rhyming quatrains with the stanzas deliberately broken up to accommodate the secondary acrostic form.)


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