Hello Everyone,

Just some quick updates on the progress of our very long tale.

Due to my real world workload, there will be no new episodes of my DFTD talk show, After The Dark, until after the completion of Book Four. I’m currently finishing up writing Chapter 38, which will be the conclusion of Phantoms.

So here’s what’s left: Chapter 37: Through the Eyes of a Devil, will run 14 episodes (that’s right!) and will finish up somewhere around the middle of April. Chapter 38: Healing, will immediately follow and run for 5 episodes, finishing up our current story arc which should conclude on Thursday, May 4th (Star Wars Day… that’s kind of cool).

From there, Don’t Feed The Dark will be taking a summer break and will resume with Book Five late August of this year. I may have time over the summer to write a spin-off tale or two… but no promises ;)

As always, thanks for reading and for your encouraging comments. Also, thanks for supporting the cause in any way you can be helping me to promote this serial novel and get Don’t Feed The Dark known. Please continue to vote for DFTD at topwebfiction, and sharing my story on all your social media sites. It’s much appreciated.



Comments? I love to read them

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