“The path of the righteous is like the first gleam of dawn, shining ever brighter till the full light of day. But the way of the wicked is like deep darkness; they do not know what makes them stumble.” – Proverbs 4:18,19

“Just one more thing before we… surrender,” Logan said. “We will need all of you to lay down your arms and join us in prayer for the welfare of our community.”

“Excuse me?” Frederick laughed.

Logan gripped the sides of the podium and stared hard at Frederick. “I have spent too many years serving as a slave to violence. What you, these men, and Lannister are doing will not end in peace. There will only be more violence.” He waved a hand across the congregation and continued, “These people come here each week to seek out the mercy of God and escape the pain and the cost of living in a violent world–compounded by the latest brand of violence in the form of the dead who can’t be reasoned with, who can’t stop killing no matter what we choose to do. But ‘we’, you and I, Frederick, are not beyond being reasonable… if we turn to God and let him end the hate. Humanity has become an endangered species. We can’t afford to continue hating one another, as if this ‘business as usual’ attitude has any place left in our uncertain lives.”

“That’s well-and-good, preacher, but that doesn’t change the current situation,” Frederick said. He nervously looked around at the congregation and then back to Logan. “You seem to think that I’m here to offer you a choice of some kind. Maybe I’m not making myself perfectly clear. You all will surrender and do as your fucking told… or we will make you comply. Is that clear?”

Logan flashed Frederick a confident smile. “This is God’s house, Frederick. We will do what we must, according to his will, to resist the dark forces of evil.”

“That’s wonderful, Logan. Now… get the hell down from there and sit with the others. That’s my last warning.”

Logan lifted his arms up and stared toward the ceiling. He raised his voice and said, “Oh, Lord, grant us your strength to stand in the face of our adversaries and do what is right! Lead us not into captivity, but freedom… freedom from those who would continue to bind us with chains of fear and hate!”

Several in the congregation raised their hands and shouted, “Amen!”

Frederick shared a worried look with his armed men. He raised his rifle toward Logan. “That’s enough! Sit the fuck down… now!”

Logan quickly reached beneath the podium and pulled out a .45 caliber handgun. He raised it at Frederick with the calmness of a man far too comfortable with the weapon and said, “This is God’s house. You will not intimidate his people with your violent ways any longer.”

Frederick was shocked by the unexpected move as he simply stood there, rifle raised, staring into the barrel of Logan’s weapon.

Before the other armed men could respond, several members of the congregation, to the surprise of others around them, pulled out handguns they’d kept concealed until now. They pointed them at Lannister’s men.

From within several of the cubicles, the last of Logan’s men who had remained loyal to him, stepped out with rifles raised at the armed men. Among them was the biggest man anyone had ever seen, named Bear, as well as the oldest member of Logan’s former group, named Barney, who usually fell asleep on post, but now, looked very much awake as he aimed his rifle at Frederick.

“What the fuck, Logan!” Frederick said. “Are you crazy? Do you really want to start a gunfight… here… now? Think about what you’re doing before this gets fucking ugly!”

Logan had known what Lannister was planning. Barney had filled him in two nights ago. He’d originally intended on staying out of it, believing that a return to his violent ways would only make matters worse. But after praying on it and visiting Meredith in the clinic last night, he had started to ponder which sins were worse: the obvious ones found in misguided actions… or the not-so-obvious sins found in conveniently turning a blind eye, and letting violent men have their way, uninhibited. After wrestling on the matter most of the night, Logan had chosen to act, believing that he could force a ‘stalemate’. So he’d confiscated several weapons from the armory before Lannister’s men took over the watch, approached anyone he thought would support what he believed was God’s cause and not Lannister’s, and set up his trap. He knew he was gambling. By using the threat of violence to stop the march of violence, he was risking all their lives.

“Frederick,” he said. “I beg you, in the name of everything good and right… don’t force us to do this. I’ve asked these fine and noble people to help me stop the madness that Lannister is attempting, I’ve explained the risks… and they have accepted them… willingly. You could pull those triggers, and we will reciprocate. But I’ve advised these good people not to fire first. So let me ask you this: Did Lannister’s plan involve the needless bloodshed of most of the community he intends to lead? I think not.”

Frederick took aim at Logan’s head. He shouted over his shoulder, “Raise ‘em up! On my order, shoot every single man and woman who has a gun!”

Lannister’s men raised their weapons toward the congregation.

Frederick smiled and said, “I know you, Logan. I know you wouldn’t dare risk all these people’s lives or force them to open fire on us. You hate violence. You’re not the man you preached about in your sermon… not any longer. I’ve seen that myself fighting alongside you against the dead out there. So let’s stop the bullshit. Put the guns down before the bullets start-”

He was interrupted by the sound of Logan racking the slide back on his handgun, sending a bullet into the chamber. The intense look in Logan’s eyes was nothing Frederick had ever seen before. “You’re right, Frederick. I’m not that man anymore… or I should say, I am trying really hard not to be that man… by the grace of God. But I know evil. I’ve done its bidding for years, ate at its table, slept with it like the whore it turned me into. I’ve looked into its eyes–once in a low-lit alley, and one other time after that. You can’t have that kind of relationship with evil without it tainting a deeper part of who you are. God rescues me daily from such darkness… but it’s still there, like a splinter so deep that it can’t be completely removed. I’ve felt its presence in this place, reminding me of that old abusive love affair, as I watched it seduce the people I care about. But God will not allow it to take one step farther. The stakes are too high now. Death is too close to claiming the world and God will not have us turn the cheek any longer. You say you know me, Frederick? I say that I don’t even know myself… and that’s terrifying. But God will keep me together.”

He then lowered his voice and said, “But what’s more terrifying is that in this moment, right now, I do not feel the hand of God restraining this handgun. There’s no appointed angel about to come down and lift my arm to the ceiling as I pull this trigger. It’s as if by us choosing not to look the other way to let evil pass unchecked… God has chosen to look elsewhere… allowing us to do a very terrible thing… but for the right reasons.”

Logan sighed and finished, “I’m ashamed to admit that the hate which dominated my life for so long is not entirely gone. I still have enough in me to hate evil. So you go ahead… force us into submission. Fire the first bullet and call my bluff. But I swear to you, as God is my witness, the man behind you will be wearing what’s left of your brains before you strike me down with that rifle. Can I get an ‘Amen’?”

All the members of the congregation holding guns shouted, “Amen!”


Stephen, accompanied by Lannister and ten of his men, started toward the rear of the facility to where a small room with a ladder extended upward toward the hatch at the entrance into the compound. He looked around briefly for Nicole and was relieved to find her absent. Stephen took a deep breath and transmitted over the hand-held radio Lannister gave him. “Tony, Gina, this is Stephen. We copied your last two transmissions. Having radio issues on our end. Over?”

After a moment, Tony answered up: “Stephen, it’s good to hear your voice. We are in route now. Has Dr. Cooper been notified?”

Lannister gave Stephen a suspicious look.

Stephen turned and clarified. “First transmission, Tony reported that Gina was injured.”

“Could have mentioned that,” Lannister said. “I mean it, Eddington. No tricks.”

He nodded, trying his best to ignore the armed men who surrounded him, and transmitted again. “Yes, Tony, Coop’s been notified,” he lied. “Just get back here already. Tell Gina that I’m glad she’s back. Being in charge down here is starting to feel like that time we were stuck in that boxcar on the tracks out of Percy. Over?”

There was a longer than usual pause. Finally Tony answered up. “We copy. We’re coming now.”

“Okay, enough chit-chat,” Lannister said, taking the hand-held away from Stephen. He stopped them all in the hallway, stared at Stephen, and then switched the radio channel. He transmitted to his men near the hatch, “Okay, let them through. Play normal. Gina’s hurt… this should be easy. We’ll take them inside. Understand?”

“Understand… act normal… let ‘em in… take them inside,” came a gruff voice over the radio.

“Follow them down with Dwight and Hagar. Those two idiots won’t try anything unless they see you two aiming guns.” Lannister transmitted. “When we get them away from their weapons and down the hallway, you four will take them from behind. Understand?”

“Understand,” the gruff sentry answered up.

“And that’s that,” Lannister said, putting the radio away with a smile. “Now it’s your turn, Stephen. Do this right and you’ll not only keep everyone alive… but you’ll be taking over for that supreme bitch, Gina.”

“Show some respect,” Stephen insisted. “I agree, it’s time for her to stand down… but that doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate how far she’s brought us. You should, too.”

Lannister nodded. “Of course. Tell you what, when Gina is safely in custody and effectively relieved of command… I promise to take a little time on the shitter and reflect upon her previous contributions.”

“You’re an asshole, Carl,” Stephen said.

“Just do your part… and we can discuss that, too,” Lannister added with a wink.

They moved before the door leading into the hatch room. Lannister instructed his men to split and set up fifty feet away, cutting off both ends of the hallway. He turned back to Stephen. “Alright, you and I will stand right here where I can keep an eye on you,” he said. “I want your face to be the first they see when they come out of this door. When we have them in the hallway… just get the hell out of the way. We’ll take care of the rest.”

“I mean it, Lannister, you better not be planning to shoot my unarmed friends,” Stephen warned.

“If I wanted to shoot them… I would have done it outside. Believe me, last thing any of us need is to fill these halls with gunfire,” Lannister said. “Just help me capture Gina… and this all ends peacefully.”

Stephen nodded. He could already hear the hatch at the top of the ladder opening up on the other side of the door.

Lannister took position slightly behind Stephen to hide his drawn handgun.

Stephen could sense the short man’s nervousness. As much as Lannister planned for this takeover, he was still inexperienced when it came to real combat.

This could end very badly if even one of these idiots gets too excited. He briefly smiled at his own thought, wondering just when he’d gone from school teacher to some kind of apocalyptic soldier.

He could hear people descending the ladder.

Lannister started fidgeting. He wiped a bead of sweat off his brow.

“It may not feel like it right now, but you’re doing the right thing, my love.” Nicole had reappeared, leaning up against the wall just to the right of the doorway.

Stephen kept his eyes straight ahead, refusing to acknowledge her.

She frowned and said, “That’s okay. I know what you’re doing feels like betrayal and you need someone to blame…”

Stephen stared directly at her until she looked away. She’d never seen him so furious with her before. When she finally looked back, Stephen had a smug look on his face, as if he were saying: You’re not the only one keeping secrets… my love.

Nicole stood up and rubbed her arms. “What are you doing?” she asked.

Stephen looked away.

They heard movement on the other side of the door. They were down the ladder.

“Get ready,” Lannister hissed toward his men.

Stephen braced himself as the door started to open.

Nicole was gone.

When the door opened, the two topside sentries filled the doorway with their arms behind their backs. Both tall and burly looking men looked terrified.

“What the fuck-” Lannister had time to get out. He started to lift his gun.

Stephen closed his eyes. Here we go!

With all the strength he could muster, Stephen pushed backwards against Lannister, slamming him into the hallway wall and causing him to drop his firearm.

Before Lannister could respond, the two sentries were pushed into the hallway and turned like human shields towards both ends of the hall. Tony, Diane and Nine moved in behind them, Tony going left, while the other two went right, assault rifles drawn and already aiming at Lannister’s men.

Gina, limping, but too full of rage and adrenaline to feel her injuries, followed after Tony, her handgun raised toward the first man she saw.

Lannister’s men raised their weapons, trying to get a clear shot, but were unsure how to proceed. They were looking at Lannister.

“Surrender, Gina!” Lannister yelled from the ground. “If you don’t, they’ll mow you down!”

Gina ignored the little man. She was already targeting the first traitor. “Drop them, assholes!” she mustered up the strength to shout. “Or I will kill every last one of you!”


Dr. Cooper had used the tranquiller gun on Megan, pumping the sad former girl with enough sedatives to take down an elephant. He’d fired three darts into her slowly decaying flesh.

Megan had stood up after the first tranquilizer dart struck her in the arm, giving both Coop and Meredith a surprised and… could that have been a look of betrayal? Meredith cringed every time they had to drug the poor girl but there was no other way to safely approach her without risking being torn apart.

After Coop had quickly fired the last two shots into her chest, Megan had simply looked at the strange objects sticking out of her and then let out a scream at her attackers, managing three steps forward before collapsing on her face.

From there, they’d both nervously approached Megan, picked her up by the arms and legs, and had carried her to the wheelchair. They’d sat her down, being mindful of any change in her breathing, her eyes, and most importantly… how dangerously close they were leaving themselves exposed to her infection-spreading mouth.

They’d duct-taped her arms and legs securely to the wheelchair and then placed one long strip around her mouth and head.

“We’re going to have to cut her hair to get all that tape off,” Meredith had remarked, biting her nails while staring at their handiwork. She’d felt terrible treating the poor girl like this but Cooper had insisted that they tape her mouth closed.


They had encountered no one as Meredith and Coop transported the unconscious Megan in the wheelchair down the back hallways, past the storage rooms of the underground facility, until finally reaching the empty mess hall.

Coop wiped sweat from his brow while staring back into the hall, expecting Logan’s men to surround them at any moment. “I never realized how damn eerie this place really was when you subtracted all the people from it,” he said. “I swear that humming behind the walls just got a little louder with each step.”

Meredith nodded in agreement. “Well… we made it. Now we just have to bank on whatever’s left of the compassion these people still have left.”

Coop laughed, thinking about the desperate plan Meredith had shared with him before exiting the clinic. “So… all we have to do now is roll Megan into the kitchen, put her in the walk-in freezer, which I will add, that I wish I’d never told you no longer worked, providing you with this perfect little place to lock her up in. Then, wait for Logan’s service to finish while you prepare to greet our hungry community with a plea for yours and Megan’s continual existence among them… all in time for lunch.”

Meredith frowned at him. “Well, when you put it like that, it just sounds ridiculous.”

Coop raised his eyebrows at her.

“Okay… I’ll admit… this is very foolish,” she admitted. “But it’s all we have, Coop.”

“What do you think is going to happen when everyone comes in and finds their favorite local witch roaming around the cafeteria?” Coop asked. “A church picnic and fellowship?”

Meredith stood her ground. “No… but everyone will be in one place, including Logan, Lannister, and Stephen, who if I’m not mistaken, is still in charge while Gina is away. If someone was planning on harming us, they wouldn’t dare try it out in the open for everyone to watch.”

“Okay. Let’s assume the good people of Wasteland, USA don’t get riled up seeing you here about to give a speech, what do you think’s going to happen when they find out Megan’s in the kitchen?”

“I will talk to them like reasonable human beings,” she pressed. “They’ll just be coming back from Logan’s service, feeling like anyone would coming back from church. They’re hearts will be open and I’ll have a chance to show them who I really am… who Megan really is… The truth is, very few people here have had a single conversation with me. Since the rumor mill begun, most people steer clear of me. I’ll show them that I’m just like them… and that Megan is just a sick girl who needs us to… I don’t know… pray for her instead of putting a bullet in her head.”

Coop shook his head. “Assuming they aren’t having a meeting about you and Megan to begin with. For all you know, they’re sharpening they’re pitchforks as we speak.”

“Stop being so cynical, Coop,” Meredith said. “Not everyone here hates us. They just don’t know anything except what they’ve been told. They’re afraid and I’m going to show them there is nothing to be afraid of.”

“You mean, as long as I have enough drugs to keep Megan sedated, that is.” Coop looked at the bound girl and finished, “Let’s get her in that broken cooler so I can pump her up with more don’t-be-afraid-of-me juice.”

Meredith looked hurt. “Coop, I need you with me on this. I know this is crazy. I know some people will be outraged the moment they see me out of my cage. But I also know that not everyone is like that. If they were, then what’s the point of living down here to begin with? We might as well kill each other and be done with it. If hate, fear and suspicion is all we’ve got left, then today, they may hate me and Megan, but who do you think they’ll hate tomorrow when we’re gone? Without hope, then all is lost.”

Coop nodded his head shamefully. “Sorry, Meredith. I don’t mean to belittle you or this crazy plan. You’re right. Whether it happens today or a week from now, if you don’t try to speak to these people, nothing will change. I’m just… worried. You mean a lot to me and I don’t want to see you strung up from the ceiling in the same place I enjoy this wretched coffee.”

Meredith giggled nervously and covered her mouth.

“All I’m saying is… I’m afraid for you right now. Since I’ve been down here, the only thing that gives me hope… is you. I’m not just saying that because I… well… because I love you.” The old doctor turned away, feeling a fool for his admission. “Anyway, I know this is the only hand we really have to play… and you’re very brave for doing this… I just don’t like it, so-”

Meredith cut the old doctor off by placing a kiss firmly on his lips.

Coop just stood there when she backed away, staring at Meredith like a goofy kid of sixteen.

Meredith blushed and smiled at him. “That was a long time coming,” she finally said. “Thank you, Arnold Cooper… you give me hope, too.” She’d never used his first name before because Coop hated it, but she felt the occasion warranted using it just this once. She took a deep breath and finished before she lost her nerve. “And I… I love you.”

Coop raised his eyebrows, grinning from ear to ear. He struggled to find words but could only stare at this remarkable woman who had won his heart long ago.

The moment was brief.

From the other entrance into the mess hall, a tall man with shoulder length blonde hair and a beard, stepped into the light. He was mockingly applauding them. “Well… well… isn’t this some sickening romantic bullshit.”

Meredith knew the man. His name was Sabastian, one of the men who arrived with Logan. On the rare occasions she had tried to mingle with the community, Sabastian had always made his feelings toward her known with his contemptuous stares. Sabastian, and people like him, was what made her decide to hide away in the clinic.

Coop, noticing that Sabastian wore a gun belt, reactively stood in front of Meredith and Megan. “Can I help you?” he asked, trying to sound friendly, but also not appreciating the intrusion.

Sabastian noticed the wheelchair bound zombie and frowned. He pointed behind Coop and said, “Now… I’ve got no quarrel with you, Doc… although harboring fugitives won’t sit well with Lannister when the shit storm clears.”

“Fugitives?” Coop said with a laugh. “What the hell are you talking about? There are no fugitives down here. Last I checked, we didn’t even have a damn jail cell.”

“Don’t fuck with me, old man,” Sabastian said, resting his right hand on his holster. “You three are in big fucking trouble. The witch and her pet have no business even being out here. Leave right now. Go back to drinking your coffee, telling your stupid jokes, and being the good community doctor you’ve been up until now… and I might not report you. Hell… I’ll never know when I’ll need a few stiches, so I’m willing to let you slide… just this once.”

“Okay,” Coop said. He felt his hand shaking around the tranquiller gun he still held. “I’ll just escort these young ladies back to the clinic where I can supervise their care… as I’ve always done. We just came down here to get a bite to eat while the service was going on. As you can see, Megan is clearly secured. No harm done.”

Sabastian rolled his eyes impatiently and drew his side arm. He kept it aimed toward the ground. “Look, you fucking fool, I’m not going to repeat myself. I don’t give two shits about your sick love for these freaks. It ends now. Get the hell out!”

Coop took a cautious step forward and raised the tranquiller gun.

“Coop,” Meredith whispered. “Don’t!”

“Stand down, son,” Cooper said. “I don’t want to shoot you with this… but I will. If you think I’m going to walk away and let you harm these people…”

Sabastian saw the tranquiller gun and laughed hard. “You’ve got to be kidding me. Assuming you can hit me from that range… what are you going to do… put me to sleep?”

“For starters… yes,” Coop said. “Then I’m going to tell the authorities what you tried to do. When Stephen finds out-”

“The fucking authorities? Oh… that’s rich. This is the apocalypse, old man. The only ‘authorities’ left are decided by which dogs eats the others first.”

“Gina won’t stand for this,” Coop said.

“That bitch’s day is done,” Sabastian said. “There’s a new man in charge now.”

“Who? Logan?”

Sabastian laughed harder. “You really don’t have a clue, do you? Logan. That’s cute. No… my orders come from Lannister.”

“Orders? What orders?” Coop was having a hard time holding the tranquiller gun still.

“Doesn’t matter, old man. All that matters is where you want to be when it’s all over.” Sabastian removed a silencer from his pocket and started screwing it on the barrel of his hand gun.

He was sent to kill us! Meredith thought. She desperately tried to think of anything to say… to stall… but she could think of nothing. She turned back toward Megan when she heard a low groan.

Megan was starting to stir. The drugs were wearing off.

“Coop,” she said. “She’s waking up!”

“Not now, Meredith,” he said sternly, refusing to turn away from Sabastian’s gun.

Sabastian could see the thing in the chair staring to move. He smiled, held the gun back down to his side, and said, “Damn… you’ve made this so easy for me, Doc. After I found the clinic empty it didn’t take long to figure out where you must have gone. And here I was wondering how to clean up the mess before anyone saw it. I was just going to shoot those two bitches in the clinic and dispose of the bodies later. But now… shit… all I have to do is wait for your pet monster to wake up, and I won’t have to hide anything. No one’s going to question why I shot you fuckers for setting that thing loose. But you, Doc, you still have a chance to survive this.” Sabastian raised the handgun at Coop. “So what’s it going to be, Doc? Those freaks of nature still worth dying for?”

Cooper didn’t flinch. “Orders be damned. You’re going to have to shoot me, too, you low-life prick. Let’s see how long you all last when no one’s around to fix you up. It’s going to be a lot harder to explain why you killed the only physician this place has.”

Sabastian looked annoyed. “You’re right. That’s a minor problem for me. But in the end, when that bitch wakes up, I’m not going to have a choice but to kill whoever is standing in the way. You think that tapes going to hold it? That thing gets loose and starts infecting people, then needing a doctor won’t matter. Now, last fucking chance… get… out.”

Coop sighed heavily. He could hear Megan’s restless movement in the wheelchair. We’re out of time. He closed his eyes, put his finger on the trigger, and said over his shoulder, “I’m sorry, Meredith.”

She placed a comforting hand on his shoulder. “It’s okay. He’s right. You can’t risk the community.” She turned to Megan, she was stirring more violently now, like someone at the edge of waking from a nightmare.

If Megan woke up, they both knew the tape would not hold.

“You need to leave us, Coop,” she said, wiping tears from her eyes.

“What’s it going to be, Doc?” Sabastian said. He was staring nervously at the wheelchair behind him. “That thing wakes up, your girlfriend’s gonna be zombie food anyway. Stand aside and let me put those two dogs down… humanely.”

For once, Meredith wished she had her abilities back… just this once. There were things she could do that she’d never done to another living, human being… unspeakable things. Things rising up through her fragmented memory of childhood that had been blocked from her, until recently. Suddenly a strange voice rose up in her head:

I see you, Meredith. Just like that day you first saw me. We are one now. You may be unable to tap into the darkness from that hole in the ground… but I am not. Let me loose, Meredith. I will save you. I will save all of them.

Toby? Meredith immediately shut the voice from her mind, as she’d done many times in the past when the dead invaded her thoughts. My God! Who the hell am I… really? She suddenly realized that she could do something to stop this vile man, something that would be worse than death… and she didn’t care. If it meant saving Coop, then she would face damnation when the time came.

Just let me loose, Meredith.

She shook her head, and said, “No! I won’t! I… I can’t!”

But she could. She could stop all of this right now.

Meredith fought whatever it was… whoever it was… that was trying to win the battle in her mind. Instead of giving in to what she knew immediately was an intense, irreversible hatred, trying to rise up within her, she turned in desperation to a stranger.

God… if you really do exist, we could really use your help right now. It’s not Megan’s fault for what she is now. And it’s not my fault for what I have always been. I’ve stopped apologizing for that. But Gregory told me once that you know our hearts. If Megan and I aren’t worth saving… if our hearts are beyond redemption of any kind… then please… please… just spare Coop. His only crime is trying to care. I don’t know what I really am. Maybe I’m evil, or harboring a deep-seated evil I’m unaware of… just please… help us!

Meredith, without thinking, placed her hand on Megan’s shoulder in an attempt to calm her down.

Megan’s eyes opened.


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