Don’t Feed The Dark Updates: 2/13/17

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Hello Everyone,

Just a quick update to where we are in the series. First, my thanks to everyone who’s been reading, voting for the series, and for spreading the word via social media. Your support is greatly appreciated and every little bit helps in getting DFTD as visible as possible.

We are currently half-way through Chapter 36: Uprising, with three episodes remaining. Time dependent, I’m hoping to get another episode of After The Dark, my DFTD talk show, released shortly after the completion of this chapter. If everything goes according to plan, John will be interviewing the strange and enigmatic preacher, Logan McCalister, to discover some additional insights into his character and what lies ahead in the series.

From there, we move on to the long awaited Chapter 37: Through the Eyes of a Devil, which will continue the story of what happened to our favorite serial killer, Russell Bower (a.k.a. Marcus Dempsey). This chapter was the first I wrote when I sat down to start Book Four and I almost made it a stand-alone novella due to its size. This next chapter will easily be the longest chapter in the series to date and it’s a wild one… sorry I can’t say more about it. I expect this chapter to take us into early April.

Finally, Chapter 38: Healing, will wrap up Book Four in this series, picking up three weeks later and returning to the Wasteland community to find out what happened after the failed insurgence. I’m estimating that chapter will take us into late April, early May for the conclusion of this story arc.

After Book Four is finished, I’ll be taking the summer off to rest and prepare for Book Five (not yet titled) which will start late August 2017… and I’ve already got one hell of an outline in place for that book. I’ve always strived to make each book in the series a little different from what came before and Book Five will be no exception. There may also be time in there to write another spin-off story. I’ve been meaning to return to the Percy Power Plant for quite some time to tell the story of what happened to Sergeant Hash (remember that guy?). If I get around to it, that tale will be titled, The Desperation Factor.

Book Six (yep… there’s already a plan for that one, too), will tentatively be titled, Mother. I’ll let you all draw your own conclusions about where that one’s headed… lol.

And that’s all I’ve got for now. As things change or develop I’ll keep you updated.



  1. Chase says:

    As a long time lurker of many web serials, this is my first time actually posting to one. I have been throughly enjoying this story to the point of being slightly paranoid of the dark(considering I only read at late hours of the night) after I finished binge reading this and am now caught up. These characters and the realness and gritty details, where it’s not always rainbows and characters you think aren’t going anywhere get a sudden and shocking death, have been fantastic to get to know and say goodbye to. I’m a simple reader that enjoys picking up a story and just letting myself become engrossed in it, not look at everything with a critical eye, and this has been such a great read.

    I haven’t seen a lot of comments, but honestly I have just been speed reading through this as fast as I could, and I just wanted to let you know as a reader how much I am looking forward to this story. Very excited to hear how far you have this planned. Also, the talk shows you have with your characters are really interesting hearing their thoughts and perspective of the unfolding events.

    Anyway, thank you again for this awesome story. I look forward to the next episode!


    • sscherr says:

      Hello Chase, and welcome to The Dark. I appreciate you taking the time as a reader to come out of the shadows and tell me what you think so far. As many writers will agree with me, it’s readers like yourself who have been enjoying the story and take a moment to say so, that’s what gives us the extra motivation to keep going at times. For myself, it’s encouraging to hear postive responses and makes all the hard work worth it. So thank you. As you probably know from reading other serials, there’s nothing more frustrating than getting involved in a long serial story just to find out that the author has given up or writes him or herself into a corner with a story. You won’t have to worry, I have no intention of slowing down and I will see this through to completion. Between you and I, after Book Four is finished, I will have reached the half-way point in this tale and estimate that there will be at least eight books total. I hope to hear from you again and see you at the finish line when we’ve reached the end game. There’s lots more to come. The farther I get into this story, the more avenues open up. It’s been a blast so far. I’m glad you’ve enjoyed the online talk show as well. If you haven’t already, be sure to read the three spin-off stories, too. They offer additional glimpses into the series that aren’t necessarily vital, but occasional answer a few questions along the way. Again, Thanks for reading.

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