“Something malevolent has awoken in Northeast Ohio. Former acquaintances, neighbors, loved ones—all at random—transform into flesh-craving monsters hell bent on devouring the living. Corpses are rising from their places of unrest. Nocturnal animal-man hybrids hunt in packs. The dead are awakening from within the living…

By morning, the sun weeps over streets splattered blood-red as an unsettling silence soon follows, lulling the broken remains of society into believing the blood bath is over.

As a second wave approaches, a handful of survivors from all walks of life must put aside their differences and band together to escape the pending slaughter while storm clouds begin to gather from within their fragile community. Some who were once respectable in the eyes of society will devolve into madness while the despicable rise to the occasion in a world no longer respecting of persons.

It is their world now. The dead are hungry and do not discriminate.”

-From Don’t Feed The Dark, Book One: Southbound Nightmares



My name is Scott Scherr, part-time poet and fiction writer. I want to welcome all of you and thank you for giving my story a read.

Don’t Feed The Dark is an apocalyptic serial novel that I started posting back in February, 2014. It has since grown into a rather long work consisting of five completed novels (sixth one in progress) breaking the 1,000,000 words online mark, with 300 episodes and counting. In addition, there are currently five spin-off tales and an online talk show titled, After The Dark.

Some might call this a zombie story. But I assure you, it’s a lot more than that. I prefer to think of this as a character-driven survival story with all sorts of mysteries and monsters both within and without.

For as long as it takes for me to complete this dark saga, I will always make it available to read for free online. You can click right here to start reading from the beginning, or simply refer to my sidebar or the tab at the top of the page for chapter links, spin-off stories, online interviews, reviews, etc. Also, to find out more about me, my various publications, or the latest DFTD updates, please refer to this sticky page or the tabs at the top of the home page.

For readers who are returning and want a refresher synopsis of the first five books in the series you can refer to the tab at the top of the homepage or just click Returning Readers (Refresher).

If you’ve been enjoying Don’t Feed The Dark, please help support the cause by liking it on facebook, following along on twitter, and voting for it once a week on Top Web Fiction. You can also write reviews for it on Web Fiction Guide and Royal Road, or just help spread the word via social media. Every little bit helps in getting this long dark tale known.

As always, thanks for reading. I hope to hear from you in the comments and that I might find some of you with me when this story eventually comes to an end.



New episodes posted every Monday and Friday.

Don’t Feed The Dark Updates: 10/9/19

Don’t Feed The Dark Updates: 9/24/19

Don’t Feed The Dark Updates: 7/23/19

Don’t Feed The Dark Updates: 6/24/19

Don’t Feed The Dark Updates: 5/21/19


  1. nashmcgowan says:

    Keep up the great work Scott. I hope your holidays are awesome!


  2. Al says:

    Great read look forward to new chapters greatly appreciate your work.


  3. farrellsm77 says:

    Hello old friend! Not sure if you remember me by name, but we spent the first 4 years of our Navy careers together! Seems you are doing well! I am a huge fan of Zombie fiction and look forward to jumping into your story my friend!


    • sscherr says:

      Damn… Sean… is that you? Talk about a blast from the past. I remember those DDG-77 days. Yeah, I’ve been writing this little zombie story for a while now. Hope you enjoy it ;)


      • farrellsm77 says:

        Yeah bro! It’s me! Looks like you are doing well my friend!


      • farrellsm77 says:

        Oh yeah, I’m Facebook friends with Benedict, Floyd, Kirby, Chief Charles and Dray. We all wondered whatever happened to you. I’m happy to see you doing well old friend.


      • sscherr says:

        Man, I still remember all those guys. I replied to your message on facebook letting you know in a nut shell what I’ve been up to. We’ll have to catch up over there. Talk to you later ;)


  4. revfitz says:

    Hey Scott!
    I really enjoyed what I have read so far! Just wanted to let you know that my Impressions on it is up and can be found here: http://revfitz.com/day-three-dont-feed-dark/

    Liked by 1 person

    • sscherr says:

      Hey thanks, revfitz. I enjoyed the review and thanks for giving my serial a read. I completely agree with all those annoying tags at the top of my posts. I’ve been meaning to do something about them for a while… but I just got lazy…lol. Thanks again. I’ve placed a link to your challenge, as well as to your serial, up in my sticky post on my home page. Good luck on the challenge. I think it’s a great idea.


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