Don’t Feed The Dark, Book Four: Phantoms… 3 Days Away!

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Book Four Promo


Hello Everyone,

It’s almost time to get this story rolling again. I’m excited to share this new story arc and I look forward to reconnecting with older readers of the series, as well as meeting new ones.

For the premiere week, I’ll be posting each day, Mon-Fri, with the first two new episodes on Monday and Wednesday. On Tuesday and Thursday, I have a couple of ‘specials’ planned, and on Friday, my DFTD talk show, After The Dark will resume, and Gina will be joining us for the premiere.

Just a reminder: I will only be posting new episodes each Monday and Wednesday, and After The Dark will run each Friday. If you’re not familiar with my new DFTD talk show, the first five episodes are already online. Click Here to find out more about the show or you could check out the links in the sidebar beneath the chapter listing.

In light of the holidays coming up, the tentative posting schedule will look something like:

-August-November (12 consecutive weeks)
-The week of November 20th, there will be no new episodes posted due to Thanksgiving.
-November-December (3 consecutive weeks)
-The next two weeks, starting December 18th, there will be no new episodes posted due to Christmas.
-January-? (Book Four will resume consecutively and run to it’s conclusion)

I apologize in advance about the breaks in the schedule, but I’ve learned the hard way that’s it’s hell trying to manage the serial during these busy times and it’s just easier to take a break and come back.

Finally, I will be posting the first new episode at 10:00 pm on Sunday night, for those who want the early-bird preview. And if that’s too late, you can just read it on Monday.

Please help me spread the word via your social media pages, or just tell anyone you know that would enjoy this dark tale to come on over. Also, please keep on voting at topwebfiction. Just click the link and vote. Let’s see if we can’t get a good push over there for the premiere. Thanks in advance.

And that about covers it for now. This will be the last update before the premiere so I’ll see you all next week.




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