Don’t Feed The Dark Updates: 8/17/16

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Book Four Promo


Hello Everyone,

There are just 12 more days until the premiere of Don’t Feed The Dark, Book Four: Phantoms! Are you ready? Hell, I know I am. It’s been far too long and I’m ready to push this long dark tale forward.

I’m currently hard at work behind the scenes getting everything ready to go. I would like to have a five-day event week with additional special posts surrounding the first two episodes, but we’ll see if I have the time. Just to let you all know, there will be no more episodes of After The Dark, my DFTD talk show, until the week of the premiere.

For anyone curious about where we are in the overall ‘plot scope’ of the story, I would say that we will be near the half-way mark after these next seven chapters play out. Of course, that’s just my best guess. I know where this long story is eventually headed, but often, the details change just like circumstances in real life change whenever we try to plan too far ahead… and I like that. What fun would it be if I knew everything…lol.

So what can we expect from these next seven chapters? A lot of changes. It’s been over five months since we last heard from our survivors. They have found their apparent safe haven, and let me tell you, it hasn’t been paradise. They have had to face their first Ohio winter, left unchecked by the collapse of society, and Mother Nature has not been kind. We catch up with them at the end of they’re isolated existence and discover, through their eyes, what has happened, since going into hiding from the world controlled by monsters and madmen.

We are familiar with the stories of what it required to survive on the run, with the dead just one nightmare away from claiming them. Now we will discover what it has cost to go into hiding, and how fragile and volatile the term ‘community’ can become when forced to face a different sort of monster.

We will be reacquainted with old characters we’ve come to love, hate, or simply tolerate (survival doesn’t care about our preferences) We will meet new characters. We will step into the past of some, we will say goodbye to others. But mostly we will be thrown into this ever-evolving hostile environment with these people, for better or worse. We want answers, as do they. We will discover that running is not enough… hiding is not enough… and what it means to truly ‘live’ will become the ultimate question at the end of whatever days are left.

I look forward to jumping back into The Dark with all of you. See you soon.



  1. murkytruths says:

    I’m exited!!!!!!!

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