Don’t Feed The Dark, Book Four: Phantoms Premiere Date!

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Book Four Promo

Hello Everyone,

Here’s the exact date you’ve all been waiting for: Don’t Feed The Dark, Book Four: Phantoms (the serial novel edition) will start on Monday, August 29th!

The new posting schedule will include new episodes every Monday and Wednesday and a new episode of After The Dark, my DFTD talk show which includes interviews with cast members and additional behind-the-scenes insights, every Friday. But not to worry, each episode will continue to be a considerable length, just not the usual three a week you were used to. I needed to reduce my posting schedule to allow more time to write present episodes as well as more time to edit existing episodes. Also, I wanted a little more longevity out of my serial to reduce the waiting periods between arcs.

There won’t be a new After The Dark episode this week but I will endeavor to post a few more before the end of the month (if time allows). Starting August 1st I will be going into editing mode on the first several chapters of the new arc to get everything as cleaned up as possible before the premiere.

So again, Monday, August 29th is the premiere date for Book Four.

I’m looking forward to hearing from all of my current readers as well as the return of my original readers from the first serial run who have been waiting a long time for this new arc.

More to come,

  1. Amber watters says:

    So excited to hear this! I have been keeping tabs and am glad that the story will continue. Hope all is well

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    • sscherr says:

      Awesome! Amber’s back! I know this new story arc has taken far too long, but thank you for not giving up on this long dark tale. I’m doing well and I hope you are too. It feels great to have new readers, but even better to have an original reader come back. You just made my day :)


  2. Hello,i know you want to make the story realistic , so i’ll put this for you if you didn’t already thought about the implications of national/world-wide
    i’m really curious about the nuclear power plants,because when there is a blackout,safety protocols dictates for the back-up generators to go live and for ice to automatically be used to to cool the reactor.Ice is used to prevent them from melting the building and releasing radiations in the atmosphere,but that ice will melt in about a month and they are closer to that mark(nuclear winter) than from actual winter.There has to be someone in the whole group that knows this fact,but i guess there were distracted by the need to find shelter for winter and the dead
    I don’t know where the nuclear reactors are in USA,but take note that even one of them can spread the radiation in the whole country,i shudder to think what all of them could do,so hazmat suits should be top priority next few arcs

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    • sscherr says:

      Hello again Catalin, to ease a little bit of your concern, at least in regard to the fictional power plant described in Chapter 10, it’s a boiler plant which requires the constant flow of water to keep the reactor cool. As long as there’s fuel to keep powerful generators operating, the reactor can operate safely for quite some time, even after all the grids go down and no power is being generated from or back to the power plant. Nuclear fuel can last a much as two years, so the immediate threat of radiation or a melt down is insignificant. Most plants like this could even operate by themselves for quite a while, but in the case of my fictional plant, there are still people operating it and maintaining the back up systems required to keep the public safe. Power plants in the US are already heavily guarded and that’s one of the many reasons why the Percy Power Plant, and places like it, would be ideal defensive positions during a zombie apocalypse. Add in the National Guard and their resources to supplement what’s already there and suddenly you have what appears to be a fairly safe place under heavy guard. Truth is, the powers to be, were probably more concerned about a radiological release, but once the public start showing up, now they might have an obligation to try and keep them safe as well, just to save face. In my story, the dead breach the outer perimeter where the refugees were living, but the power block or the interior perimeter could be defended from such a horde for quite a while. I don’t want to elaborate much further, but I hope that helps a little with your concerns. Also, in real life, I actually work at a power plant and have asked these very questions in much more detail ;)


      • Wow ,never would have imagined :))
        And don’t get me wrong,i imagined Percy would have manpower inside the facility,i was more concerned about a possible wipe of manpower in other such places and things suddenly going out of control and suddenly not only zombies but random deaths due to atmosphere poisoning happen.Well…we’ll find out soon enough.

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    • sscherr says:

      Hello again Catalin. On a global scale there are many bad things that could happen in a zombie apocalpse. I cringe just thinking about it. Thanks for stopping by :-)


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