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Book Four Promo


Hello Everyone,

We’ve made it to the conclusion of this first epic story arc and turning point for our characters and this new horrific world they’ve inherited. After more than a year and 150 episodes later, we’ve reached the end… of the beginning.


For anyone who feels like the final chapter left you with more questions than answers, all I can say is that writing final chapters are extremely difficult in a series when future stories haven’t been told yet. It is also very difficult to meet everyone’s expectations (including my own). That being said, I shut out the daunting expectations and simply tried my best to remain true to these characters and let them guide me to this first finale point… and no further… for now.

I sincerely hope that some burning questions have been addressed, and I’m well aware of the new questions that have now been revealed late and left hanging until the next book. That’s right… there is another book pending which will start right here in August.

It was my intent to leave you with some sense of closure at the end of the third book as Gina’s group had now achieved their major objective: A place of safety. As everyone came into agreement that they could make this underground facility their new ‘home’ and defend it, so marked the end of being on the run since the world became hostile.

It was also my intent to finally answer the question of what happened to serial killer, Russell Bower, by revealing this major cliff-hanger in the final scene which comes full circle back to the man we met at the beginning.

And then there was the unfortunate death of Frank Carman. Love me or hate me for it, Frank’s death has been in the picture for a very long time. I did my best to do right by Frank, who I will also miss, as I let his own personal struggles and victories play out through his captivity and loyalty to Gina and the others. But rest assured, Frank’s story is far from over. We will hear from him again.

Moving on to the future of DFTD: The next collective of stories in this series will begin several months later, after a long grueling winter and show the evolution of not only our characters and the state of the world, but of the dead themselves. Many things will have changed and we will continue to learn more about veteran characters as well as some we’ve just met and some new characters we haven’t met yet.

We will delve into the backstory of our favorite medium, Meredith Montgomery, and discover exactly what her ties are to this mysterious group that goes by the name, Mother.

We will also find out a lot more about what Russell Bower has been up to since he went incognito and how his fate has drawn him to this group of survivors.

There is a lot more to come as Gina and the survivors face new challenges with each other and the unforgiving world they have now inherited. I’m already neck deep into writing the new story arc and I look forward to sharing it with you all in August.

For the moment, I want to thank everyone who’s been reading along, providing constructive feedback and supporting this project in any way you could, and for always encouraging me to keep pressing on to the end. Your support has been vital in pushing me along to get this much written so far. Feel free to tell me honestly what you think of Don’t Feed The Dark. I am always open to suggestions and feedback. If you have any burning questions, and if it is within my power to answer them at this time, I will gladly try to answer them.

Between now and the Book Four premiere, I will continue to post various special features leading up the big event in August.

I hope you have enjoyed the journey into the Dark so far. I know I have.

See you all in August,



  1. Anonymous says:

    Omg what will I read until then???


  2. Al says:

    Great story line can’t believe it’s been only a month since the s**t hit the fan.


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