Reviews Requested For Don’t Feed The Dark

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Reviews Requested


Hello Everyone,

If you’ve been reading Don’t Feed The Dark online, or if you’ve already purchased and read the books, the best thing you could do to show your appreciation and let me know you’ve been enjoying the series is to help me spread the word so that more readers find out about this long, dark zombie series.

If you have read as far as the first fifteen chapters online (which is all of Book One), and you have an active account at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Goodreads, etc., please consider leaving a short and honest review about the book (or books) to let others know what you enjoyed about it. Reviews are like gold and really attract readership. I’m not asking anyone to buy the books. You don’t have to purchase them to encourage others to read them. I will continue to post this entire series online for free as long as people continue to find it and keep on reading. But for those who would rather read the books instead, your words would go a long way to help persuade potential readers to give this series a try.

Depending on how far you’ve read so far, here are a few main links you could write reviews for:

Book One (Chapters 1-15)
Barnes & Noble

Book Two (Chapters 16-22)
Barnes & Noble

Book Three (Chapters 23-30)
Barnes & Noble

Anything you can do to help would be appreciated.

If reviews are just not your thing, Here’s a couple other ways you could support the cause:

Please consider voting for DFTD over at topwebfiction No registration is required. just click and vote. You can vote for it every seven days to keep it on the list. This is a great place to be listed and I’ve received quite a few visitors due to this great listing site for serials.

Also, you could vote for DFTD over at Top Site List. I’m currently ranked #39 and gradually climbing.

Anything you can do to help me get Don’t Feed The Dark to the readers is appreciated. Be sure to spread the word on all your social media sites as well.

Thanks again for your support,



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