Don’t Feed The Dark Updates 3/31/16

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I’ve just about completed the longest DFTD chapter to date, titled, Through the Eyes of a Devil. This will be the seventh chapter in the new book, titled, Don’t Feed The Dark, Book Four: Phantoms. This chapter alone currently sits in the rough draft state nearing the 50,000 word mark. I could have made this one chapter a novella…lol. Of course, I can’t reveal anything about it other than I suspect that many readers have been waiting for this chapter for a good long while.

What else can I say about Book Four? Not much. Speaking generally, Phantoms is slated for ten chapters and will start several months after Book Three concludes. The very first chapter will be titled, The Broadcast. Draw whatever conclusions you wish from that title, but I can neither confirm nor deny your suspicions. Sorry, no spoilers.

Moving forward, Don’t Feed The Dark, Book Three: Recruits will continue next week with Chapter 25, titled, Reunions and Departures. This long chapter will set the stage for the shit-hitting-the-fan events which follow it to the conclusion of Book Three, which will finish its serial run in June.

If you can’t wait that long, all three books are available in paperback at 50% off the retail listing price over at my lulu site, and all three books will cover everything from the beginning to the exciting conclusion of this story arc finishing in June. Here’s the direct link to those discounted books:

DFTD Books 1-3 at

Also, I could use your help in creating a bigger splash on the internet and getting DFTD known. I’m currently listed over at topwebfiction, a great site that lists current ongoing serial novels across the web. Your votes will help Don’t Feed The Dark move up the listing, which helps more readers find it online. You are allowed to vote for it every seven days and I encourage you all to do so as much as possible to help the cause. Just click the link below, scroll down to my listing and vote, no registration required.

Vote for Don’t Feed The Dark at topwebfiction

Please keep sharing DFTD on your social media links and tell everyone you know who would enjoy reading this series. I don’t mind sharing it for free online, I just want more people to read it. Every little bit counts and I thank you in advance for spreading the word and sharing in this dark journey with me so far. If you haven’t done so yet, and you want updates on when the latest episodes are available, please “like” my Don’t Feed The Dark facebook page.

More news to come as we get closer to June,


  1. Pam Farless says:

    I’m so enjoying this series!


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