What To Do In a Zombie Outbreak

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It could happen anytime, anywhere—a zombie outbreak. Will you be at work when rumors of the undead begin circling around the break room as co-workers share the latest YouTube video that just went viral? Perhaps you’ll be watching it on your local News station, believing it to be a horror movie instead, as you grab your remote to change the channel. Maybe it will begin closer to home— you’re out shopping and suddenly that sickly looking man standing ahead of you in the grocery store line begins acting strange and showing you an unusual amount of attention as he begins to make you feel like the latest sandwich special just announced from the deli. Whatever the case may be, when an outbreak occurs, where will you be, but more importantly, what will your immediate actions be?

If you’re like most people—a zombie outbreak being the farthest thing from your mind—then you might not be prepared for the human race getting bumped down the food chain. The most important thing you can do from the onset is to take a few good steps back (and away from the closest people around you), take a deep breath, and do not panic.

Repeat: panic

If you find yourself at work, explain to your boss that you’re feeling ill and need the remainder of the day off. In light of the current situation, your employer may already be closing down shop for the day. If that doesn’t get you off the hook, fake infected, and you will surely be excused. Once away, find the nearest gas station/mini-mart, fill your tank (and any extra gas cans that you can purchase on the spot) and load up on whatever over-priced food items are available and head home.

Out shopping? By all means, finish shopping (as long as the outbreak hasn’t occurred in your area yet) but alter your shopping list considerably, understanding that it may be the last time you hit the local Wal-Mart for a while. Fill your cart with items such as canned goods, bottled water, camping gear, and medical supplies. Shop like someone looking to stay put for a good while. And again, head for home.

If you’re already at home, but little Johnny and Jake are still at school, make it your priority to collect the kids as fast as possible, then begin assessing your current situation and prepare your house for survival as mentioned in the following paragraphs below.

In all situations, you might have time to make one last trip out before everyone around you goes crazy (and I’m not talking about zombies) so make that trip count. Assume any trip out, once the outbreak reaches the consciousness of the general public, will be like a trip out on a Black Friday multiplied by insanity as hordes of desperate people begin to storm local businesses for last-minute supplies. Should a single person become infected “out there” among the crowds of the unprepared, you will be in serious trouble if caught among them. Since you are well past the point of no return in regards to early preparation, you will need to rely primarily on what you have.imagesCAMBYWBA

Panic is your number one enemy at this point, causing the rational mind to take a dive off a cliff, as hundreds—thousands-of people will be driven to desperate ends as chaos takes over and a “dog eats dog” society seemingly begins overnight. If this sounds like a cynical way to view your fellow man, just remember, you’re looking at a worst case scenario situation, that until now, was something only conceived of in a nightmare. A bit of cynicism may keep you alive a little longer.

A State of Emergency and/or Martial Law may or may not be declared (dependent upon the government’s need to control the mass hysteria that will occur). Local law enforcement agencies, FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency), the Center for Disease Control, The Red Cross and the National Guard will all be mobilized in an effort to help evacuate larger populated areas while containing and controlling the spread of the zombie outbreak. For the most part, you must assume that you are on your own.

In a panic, people will flee and feel a psychological need to be around others to fulfill a false sense of security as freeways become jammed packed with cars; emergency services will come to a stand-still as accidents will increase, causing hospitals to be overrun with casualties from the initial panic. The crime rate will skyrocket as people fight for supplies, gasoline-that last bottled water on the shelf; looting will occur. Guns will hit the streets, and shots will be fired in desperation. People will die long before the zombies get them, all because of the initial outbreak of panic that will overrun the general public.

The best thing you can do to survive the initial onslaught of a zombie outbreak is to gather what supplies you can on your last trip out and return home, fortifying your house with whatever you have available. Even if a zombie outbreak occurs in your town, you still have a better chance of survival by sheltering-in-place, remaining as quiet as possible, with the hope of escaping notice by passing zombies while they remain focused on the mass meat-markets provided by the initial panic.

The following is a list (but not all inclusive) of actions to take increasing your odds of survival:

If phone services are still available, make calls to nearby relatives, friends, neighbors—networking is crucial at this point so find out what relatives will be doing and decide whether you collectively stand a better chance under one roof or separately. Knowing if your nearest neighbors are leaving town or not will be advantageous should you need more supplies. If they are home, it will be good to know you have an extra set of eyes watching your back and the neighborhood with you.

Print out as much emergency survival material as you can find from surfing the internet while power is still available. Some examples: Information on how to purify water or perform first aid on yourself and others, as well as useful tips to make the most of everyday household items.

Inventory your current food/water situation, filling up as many available plastic and glass containers with water, including your bathtub, while the water is still on. Also your water heater provides you with several gallons of additional water, depending on your size tank. Calculate how much water you have and how long it will last. It’s recommended that each person have a gallon of water per day, but you can ration it down to half-a-gallon if need be.

Guns_1000Make your firearms ready, but do not use them unless you absolutely have to, for you will draw unwanted attention to your location by both zombies and desperate people looking to steal what is yours to survive. If no guns are available, gather whatever you can as makeshift weaponry: kitchen knives, axes, baseball bats, etc. Remember, anything will work as long as it can penetrate a human skull and kill the brain of the undead.

Become invisible. Cover your windows with a heavy material to block out any light you may be using in the evenings (this also helps keep the cold out when trying to stay warm without electricity for heat). As mentioned with firearms, don’t let loud noises give away you location. Another example would be back-up generators that make a lot of noise on a quiet street, so use them sparingly. Be mindful of using the fireplace or any other means of heating for cooking that generates smell, for this will attract attention to your location. Make your home seem abandoned as much as possible, being careful not to leave any recent traces of yourself for other desperate survivors to find, as well as the undead. Remember, without law enforcement, you will be at the mercy of whoever is out there and not all survivors will be kind.

Move all relevant survival supplies to the safest area in your home (someplace you may need to retreat back to should the zombies breach your front door). If you have a two-floor home, secure the stairwell and move all supplies upstairs. If you live in a ranch-style home, you may need to investigate the crawl space above, making it readily available to flee to in the event that zombies breach your home. If need be, you may need the means to breach the roof and escape that way. The important thing is to always leave an escape route and remember to back out and upward (unless you’re on the roof of an apartment building, then make sure you have a fire escape first). Do not rely upon your basement to escape the zombie outbreak. If caught down there, you may be cut off from your available supply of food and water, effective imprisoned within your own homemade tomb.

In regards to transportation, park your most reliable vehicle (preferably one big enough to hold your family and supplies) so that the rear of the vehicle blocks any other entrance from the outside into the garage, with the front of the vehicle facing the garage door. In the event of an emergency where you need to flee your home immediately, this will allow you the best chance of getting out safely and efficiently, especially if your driveway is crowded with zombies. If supplies permit, keep your vehicle stocked and at the ready should you not have time to grab anything.

Sheltering-in-place and keeping your wits about you during a zombie outbreak is the best chance you have to survive the initial storm. Over time, the zombie population will far exceed survivors, allowing you a greater chance to forage for supplies as zombies leave your area in search of better game. You will have to tread cautiously as other survivors holding up in various locations may mistake you for zombies, or simply treat you as a thief and sooner shoot you in the head to protect their own. Should you move from house to house, or in other confined places, be advised that zombies could be trapped inside and unaware of your presence until you open Pandora’s Box to let them have a piece of you.Dont-Open-Zombies-Inside

If you have a detailed map of the area available, start marking off streets that seem safe and streets that are still overrun with the undead. Be systematic in your foraging, marking off where you’ve searched to save time. Make note of roadways that are blocked with vehicles or any other obstructions prohibiting a clear travel path for your vehicle. Pay special attention to the railroad tracks near you, for you may be able to use them as a means of escape since railways tend to run in remote areas away from people. No people will mean, no zombies.

In time, perhaps law and order will be reestablished, the zombie outbreak contained, and the remains of humanity can slowly resurface from the aftermath, coming together in ways we once took for granted, and hopefully stand a little wiser and a bit more prepared, should another zombie outbreak ever occur.


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