Don’t Feed The Dark, Book Three: Recruits is now available in paperback!

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A devastating outbreak, known commonly as The Change, has swept through Northeast Ohio turning one in every five people into yellow-eyed, flesh-craving monsters… at random. Friends, neighbors and loved ones have turned into the enemy, leaving the remains of humanity to fight for survival. As sporadic as the effects of the mysterious virus, so are the mutations which follow…

Gina Melborn and the remains of her desperate group, begin to devolve as we discover what happened after a fatal shot from a rooftop claims another of their own, sending some of them spiraling downward into vengeance and a lust for blood which rivals the dead.

With the survivors on the brink of losing their own humanity at the edge of hopelessness, they soon discover a new, darker threat which has finally caught up with them in the small town of Andover, Ohio. The meaning of the mysterious three-pronged symbol with an eye finally begins to take on form as everything quickly changes, leaving each of them with hard choices to make.

Don’t Feed The Dark: Recruits is the third book in this suspenseful series which will begin to dig deeper and demand more from Gina than she ever thought herself capable of… or else lose herself to the darkness clawing away at her heart.


Great news, Book Three is now available in paperback. You can purchase it right now for 30% off the listing price at my Lulu page. When it becomes available elsewhere, I’ll post more links.

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