Don’t Feed The Dark: Looking Forward

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Hello Everyone,

I want to thank all my new readers, as well as all of you who were with me during the first initial serial run of DFTD. Your support has been encouraging and inspires me to press on with this long dark tale.

Looking forward, this week I’ll be posting the final three episodes for the serial novel version of Book Two: Almost Dead, which will conclude on Friday, February 12th.

Next week (or earlier) I will be releasing the paperback version of Don’t Feed The Dark, Book Three: Recruits, which will cover the remaining storyline for everything completed so far. Because of this, The serial novel version of DFTD will be going on break until the first Monday in March. Sorry, but this allows me time to promote the new book as well as some down time to write new material for Book Four: Phantoms, which I hope to have completed this summer.

So again, the serialized version of DFTD will resume on Monday, March 7th.

Speaking generally about Book Four, all I can say is that it will pick up several months after the end of Book Three, near the end of a long, devastating winter… and there will be so much shit happening as Book Four not only takes place in the near future, but it also will be delving into the past, before the outbreak.

Book Four is tentatively outlined for ten chapters that will strive to answer long pending questions, and introduce new ones.  There will also be new characters introduced.  And that’s all I can say… the rest is highly classified.



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