Don’t Feed The Dark, Book Two: Almost Dead is now available in paperback!

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A devastating outbreak, known commonly as The Change, has swept through Northeast Ohio turning one in every five people into yellow-eyed, flesh-craving monsters… at random. Friends, neighbors and loved ones have turned into the enemy, leaving the remains of humanity to fight for survival. As sporadic as the effects of the mysterious virus, so are the mutations which follow…

After a disastrous attempt to flee the coast by boat, Gina Melborn, former exotic dancer, is now the leader of a small group of survivors who can barely manage to keep from killing each other as the dead hunt them relentlessly through the heart of infected towns and countryside while they struggle with every breath to reach the Ashtabula Community they first learned about while listening to a CB radio broadcast.

Along the way, they encounter a nightmarish landscape full of unimaginable horrors and startling revelations as survivors try to keep the vestiges of hope alive while the fine line between Man and Monster becomes blurred in a world where morality is slowly consumed by desperation and dust.

Don’t Feed The Dark: Almost Dead is the second book in this nail-biting series which promises to raise the stakes and the intensity level as we begin to look into the faces of the most terrifying monsters of all… ourselves.


Great news, Book Two is now available in paperback. You can purchase it right now for 30% off the listing price at my Lulu Page. When it becomes available elsewhere, I’ll post more links.


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