A devastating outbreak, known commonly as The Change, has swept through Northeast Ohio turning one in every five people into yellow-eyed, flesh-craving monsters… at random. Friends, neighbors and loved ones have turned into the enemy, leaving the remains of humanity to fight for survival. As sporadic as the effects of the mysterious virus, so are the mutations which follow…

After a disastrous attempt to flee the coast by boat, Gina Melborn, former exotic dancer, is now the leader of a small group of survivors who can barely manage to keep from killing each other as the dead hunt them relentlessly through the heart of infected towns and countryside while they struggle with every breath to reach the Ashtabula Community they first learned about while listening to a CB radio broadcast.

Along the way, they encounter a nightmarish landscape full of unimaginable horrors and startling revelations as survivors try to keep the vestiges of hope alive while the fine line between Man and Monster becomes blurred in a world where morality is slowly consumed by desperation and dust.

Don’t Feed The Dark: Almost Dead is the second book in this nail-biting series which promises to raise the stakes and the intensity level as we begin to look into the faces of the most terrifying monsters of all… ourselves.


It’s been a while since I shared some DFTD news. So here is the latest:

I just ordered the proof copy of Don’t Feed The Dark, Book Two: Almost Dead. I should have it by the end of next week and if everything looks good, Almost Dead will be available for purchase by next weekend!


As for other news, I was recently involved in the 2015 October Frights Blog Hop, a ten-day event kicking off the Halloween month. Each day I featured the visual work of John Ecko (another dark persona of mine) and gave away three copies of my first Don’t Feed The Dark book. There were more than 40 writers involved in this event. To see my entire feature page or if you want to visit the other writers involved in the event, just click the highlighted link.


Moving on to what’s ahead, you may have noticed that I’ve been featuring zombie novels every day this month. This is all part of the zOctober 2015 month long event hosted by Toni Lesatz at My Book Addiction. To find out more about this event, please click the highlighted link. As for myself, I will be featured on Monday, October 19th. I encourage you to come on over and lend your support, join in on the discussions that I have planned, or simply sign up for a chance to win one of three copies of Don’t Feed The Dark that I’ll be giving away via a raffle.


On to other news: For those of you following the serial novel version of DFTD online, just a reminder, I will be resuming the serial novel on Monday, November 2nd for a five-episode premiere that first week, and three episodes a week thereafter.

Don’t Feed The Dark, Book 3: Recruits will tentatively be out in paperback sometime in December (just in time for Christmas).

Lastly, after the editing of Book 3, I will be sitting down to write Book 4 which should be finished sometime before the summer of 2016. I had originally intended to start writing much sooner, but life got very busy. What I can tell you about Don’t Feed The Dark, Book 4: Phantoms is that it will be the most intense and expanded journey into the dark thus far. This book is going to cover a lot of ground in a big, big way. I really can’t elaborate other than to say that the first three novels were laying the foundation for this book and I’ve been excited about reaching this story arc for a long while now. It’s going to be a wild ride.

That’s all I’ve got for now.




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