How does one survive the zombie apocalypse? 17-year-old Ian Ward couldn’t tell you because he is dying in one.

From a closet in a second floor bedroom of an abandoned house, he recounts his tale of “survival” in a backwards journey through the choices that put him there.

When the world ends, Mistakes I Made During the Zombie Apocalypse is the anti-survival guide that just might keep you alive.


You can purchase at: Amazon

Michelle Kilmer is the featured author for day 3 of zOctober 2015 hosted by Toni Lesatz at My Book Addiction. Come support this author and find out what she has in store for the event.

zOctober is an annual event hosted on My Book Addiction for all of Toni’s fellow zombie fanatics, authors, bloggers, readers, and fans of the undead! Every day of the month of October there will be awesome zombie related posts including videos, reviews, guest posts, interviews, and more!

Please come and find out more about this amazing event and meet a horde of extraordinary zombie writers.




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