I am excited to announce that I will be joining the festivities for this year’s zOctober 2015 Event which features a collective of outstanding authors who have written books for this apocalyptic frenzy. We will be unleashing a horde of zombie mayhem for your enjoyment. I am looking forward to taking part and I hope you all stop by and join in on this month long event. I am slated to appear on Sunday, October 18th on the main event page over at My Book Addiction and I will also be available that day on the Facebook Event page to answer questions in regards to my Don’t Feed The Dark books series or just to talk about anything zombies/Halloween related. Should be a blast.

zOctober is an annual event hosted at My Book Addiction by Tony Lesatz for all her fellow zombie fanatics, authors, bloggers, readers, and fans of the undead! Every day of the month of October there will be awesome zombie related posts including videos, reviews, guest posts, interviews, and more! Click this link to join the zOctober Facebook Event that will run the entire month. It’s the place for everyone to discuss and share in the zombie fun, and to chat with your favorite authors of zombie and post-apocalyptic fiction! There will be games, giveaways and lots of fun.

Here is the line-up for this year’s event:



Even if you cannot attend, we would all appreciate it if you could spread the word about this event through social media, word of mouth, or just shout it out in the streets… lol.

Hope to see you all there,


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