Here is a quick peek at the new cover for Don’t Feed The Dark, Book Two: Almost Dead due out in October. It has been fun putting these covers together. A few months back I traveled the route my survivors end up taking across Northeast Ohio, visiting actual locations found in the book. I took a lot of photographs. The cover for Book One was actually taken from the abandoned railroad tracks that the survivors used in Chapter 13. This photo for Book Two was taken at a covered bridge entering Harpersfield, Ohio, and is an actual location the survivors travel to in this book.

I loved the idea of adding zombies standing off in the distance, leaving the initial impression of, “Who is that up ahead? Who are they? People? The dead? Something far worse?” as I attempted to capture the initial dread and panic moments in these images.

If you have already read the first run of this series online, which covers the first three books in this series, then you already know that Book Two turns up the intensity and the pace as the survivors face all sorts of crazy shit up ahead. And there is plenty of surprises along the way (no spoilers).

Special thanks goes out to Asylum Designz for helping me visualize and arrange these covers and for Mr. Ecko’s visualization of the mysterious three-pronged symbol with the watching eye that appears on the back covers and in various places throughout this series.

More to come.



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