Southbound Nightmares


A quick update: DFTD Book One is now available through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Lulu (still the best price), and The Book Depository (w/free shipping). They are all listed in my links section if interested.

For anyone who has already read at least the first fifteen chapters of DFTD since last February, or for anyone interested in starting from the beginning, if you would consider writing an honest review over at my listing on or Barnes & Noble (Both would be cool) I’ll send you a FREE pdf download of the first book (sorry no eBooks are available at the moment). All I’m asking is that you give the book a read, and then write a few words about it. A review doesn’t have to be much, just a couple of sentences sharing what you thought of the series so far (just please, no spoilers).

If anyone is interested in a free download of Book One, please contact me at:

Thanks for your support in helping me get DFTD known,



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