Southbound Nightmares


Just a quick update for users. Don’t Feed The Dark, Book One: Southbound Nightmares is now available for purchase through Amazon. They are currently selling it for the listing price which is much higher than you can get it right now at the Lulu site where I have it marked down 50% off.

However, as long as you have an account at Amazon and have made a purchase in the past, I believe you can still leave reviews/ratings there even if you purchase the book elsewhere (or if you choose to not purchase it at all).

So if you’ve already read DFTD online (at least the first fifteen chapters) and have no interest in purchasing a copy, I would still greatly appreciate it if anyone who has read it could stop on over to Amazon and leave a brief review and rating to help support the cause.

Here’s the link to the Amazon listing:

Thank you in advance,



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