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Hello Everyone. Just to update you on what’s been happening behind the scenes:

For those of you that have read all 27 chapters, you know that there’s quite a lot of material posted. So much material that it has become three books in length. With this much written, I had to pause on new writing to begin tackling the challenging task of editing so DFTD can be fit for publication. It is my top priority at the moment to get the first fifteen chapters (Book One) ready and available for both printed and ebook versions. By doing so, this long serial novel can start moving from the online serial novel realm and into book formats, which means, I can start seeking out reviewers to assess this journey so far.

With all that said, Book One is about to enter the final round of edits as I distribute the Beta draft to selected readers who will hopefully catch anything I’ve missed. Afterwards, Book One will be available to both readers and reviewers, providing another platform to get Don’t Feed The Dark out there and perhaps make a bigger splash on this ocean of the internet.

For my veteran readers who have come along on this journey with me so far and are patiently waiting on the next story arc for Don’t Feed The Dark, the good news is that I will be starting it as soon as Book One is published. The bad news: Book Four will not be available online as I plan to publish it upon completion (I can only give so much away for free). Also, it probably won’t be available until the later part of the year. What I can tell you about it is that it will be titled, Phantoms, and it will be different from everything you’ve read so far. It will also take place several months later near the end of a brutal Northeast Ohio winter. I’m extremely excited to begin writing it. I will continue to post Spin-off stories as they become available for those of you that have read the first 27 chapters and they will provide glimpses into what lies ahead for our group of survivors.

For my new readers, the current draft of DFTD will be coming down at the end of May, but not to worry, because I plan on ‘rebooting’ the first 27 chapters starting in June with the revised edition. The first three books will also remain in serial novel format and will always be available to read for free online. But you will have the option to purchase the books ahead of time if your patience with the serial format wears out (an option I’m sure my veteran readers of the first run wished they had… lol).

Here is my tentative release schedule for the year:

-Re-launch of the online serial novel (Revised): Starting Monday, June 1st

-Don’t Feed The Dark, Book One “Southbound Nightmares” in print/ebook: Early June

-Don’t Feed The Dark, Book Two “Almost Dead” in print/ebook: Early Fall

-Don’t Feed The Dark, Book Three “Sign of the Times” in print/ebook: Late Fall

-Don’t Feed The Dark, Book Four “Phantoms” in print/ebook: Late 2015 – Early 2016 (Dependent on length and editing time)

-Don’t Feed The Dark, Book Five “Mother”: Will begin writing in the spring/summer of 2016.

Of course, these are just estimate dates. If I can get the books out sooner, I will. I just wanted to let you know that there is a lot happening behind the scenes and a lot more planned for this series. Again, for those who are waiting on new material, I will endeavor to push on with this series as fast as I can. In the meantime, feel free to enjoy a second run of the series or purchase the books when they become available.

And once more, for those currently reading online, you still have time to read all 27 chapters (the rough draft), but it will no longer be available after Sunday, May 31st.

More to come as we get closer to June.



  1. amber watters says:

    Glad to see everything coming along for you and can’t wait to see your work in print! Love the main story and always look forward to your side stories. Good luck and best wishes. Thank you for sharing your wonderful talent and great story


    • sscherr says:

      Welcome back Amber and thanks again for all your encouraging responses along the way. We’ve just completed the cover design for Book One and the edits are just about completed. As excited as I am to see DFTD in print, I am more excited to get back to work and start the next leg of this journey. May I still quote your comment from chapter 26? I would love to see it in the book. Peace ;)


  2. amber watters says:

    Absolutely! I would be honored and more then a tad giddy in fact, lol. And can’t wait for the next leg of the journey for Gina 😁


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