Notes and Updates


Sorry I haven’t been around much. As I’ve mentioned in the previous post, I’m editing everything that’s been released so far, and it’s a daunting task that takes time. My current plan is to have the first 27 chapters available in both print and ebook formats with additional material included.

It’s my aim to find the most cost effective way to publish over 450,000 words in this series to date (hopefully the editing process will reduce that word count). But what it looks like presently is three volumes: Book One will span the first 15 chapters, Book Two will cover chapters 16 – 22, and Book Three will finish with chapters 23 – 27.

I had no idea when I jumped back into this project over a year and a half ago that it would grow into the massive tale that it’s becoming (I originally intended DFTD to be a trilogy… so much for that). And I’ve got a lot more ground to cover yet.

Looking ahead toward the spring, I plan to sit back down and commence writing on the fifth arc of Don’t Feed The Dark. I have quite a bit outlined already and feel confident that the outline will change as the story hits the pages once more and my characters take me on another wild ride into this strange new world.

What I can tell you with certainty is that this story will pick up several months later near the end of a long, brutal winter and that this new arc will take a deep look into the long term effects of going into isolation as our characters deal with the strain of being safe but realizing that hiding from the world is as much a death sentence as being discovered by the dead or just surviving the elements surrounding them.

As far as our characters themselves, I can only speculate at this point, but I have a couple rather long flashback chapters planned, titled “Dead Dolls”, and “Through the Eyes of a Devil”, that will uncover a few details about a certain medium and serial killer that we’ve read about.

That’s all the teaser you’re gonna get from me… lol.

More to come,


  1. Shelli says:

    Great news! Looking forward to it all!


  2. genericIntent says:

    We’ll keep checking back, not to worry!


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