Notes and Updates


As we roll out of February, my work load in the real world is going to be demanding for the months of March and April. I knew this was coming and that’s why I’m going into editing mode for the next couple of months. I’ve got a lot of material to clean up and make fit for publication. I will be leaving the current draft of Don’t Feed The Dark up until the end of April to allow readers time to finish this novel. Also, I would appreciate all your keen eyes in helping me catch any typos or inconsistencies you find along the way. Any and all suggestions will be considered and appreciated. I have said from day one that this online version is a ‘draft’ so thanks for all your help in advance.

I will also be working on my outline for the next part of this series that I plan to start writing this spring. Also, I will continue to put out as many Spin-Off Stories as I can to alleviate the waiting in the meanwhile.

That’s all for now,

  1. kunama says:

    If you have a publication date in mind, it might be an idea to see if any of your longtime readers have time on their hands to do a final readthrough for typos, grammar and consistency things 1-2 weeks before that. I’m unable to convince myself that it’d be worth scaring myself silly again to offer, but maybe others are willing!


  2. Michael says:

    Consider this a volunteer to do a final read through for you.

    And, not trying to hijack the thread, but just asking if you got an email from me a couple of weeks ago. Bit of flash I wanted your opinion on for the Inn.


    • sscherr says:

      Hey Michael. I just found that flash fiction story (sorry, I’ve been slack at checking my email regularly). I don’t want to read it on my phone, so I’ll check it out when I get home this morning. And thanks for the help and the offer to give this a read through. I didn’t want to ask because this thing turned into one long monster already. I’ll send you an email after I read your story :)


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