Notes and Updates


Hello Everyone,

Just an update on what’s happening. The first spin-off story is almost completed and will be released online in a few days. While working on the sequel, I plan to post one or two spin-offs a month (time dependent). The spin-off stories will connect with previously written material at various points from the first four parts. The first story is tentatively titled, Playing With Fire.

As each story may or may not reveal spoilers from the main story, I will be sure to post disclaimers with each spin-off letting readers know how far they should have read before reading each spin-off story. I’ll also include footnotes at the conclusion of each piece to remind readers where each story originates from.

As far as what I’m calling Part Five of Don’t Feed The Dark, I’m still working on the outline as well as editing previous material for ebook/printed formats slated for later this year. But the new part is tentatively titled, The Long Winter.

That’s all I’ve got for now,



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