Notes and Updates


Hello Everybody. Now that the first long leg of this series is finished, I’ve got some time while planning the next book to write a few other stories that have been simmering on the back burner. There were many points in all four parts of DFTD where I stopped and said, “Now that would be an interesting side story to write about.” But because I didn’t want to drift away from the main story line, I knew I didn’t have time to wander off the path for those tales.

So I decided a few months back that since this serial novel felt very much like tuning in to a TV show three times a week, then it seemed reasonable to conclude that when the book formats came out, much like a DVD release, that maybe I could include these stories as ‘bonus features’.

With that being said, I have plans to write these additional short stories that will highlight moments along the timeline that will answer some additional questions that were not particularly relevant to the story, but will add some additional insights into characters we briefly met or just shed a little light on certain circumstances and how they came to be that I feel might make some great stories to tell. Of these stories slated, there will also be at least one tale that specifically looks at what exactly happened when Jonathan, Lucas and Megan departed Andover, showing what happened to the three of them that led to Megan’s ‘condition’ in the cavern compound. That tale will also give me an opportunity to discuss how the strange camp run by a pscyhotic machine came to be, and perhaps shed some additional light on the mysterious group known as ‘Mother’.

Again, these bonus stories will be included in the book formats (both ebook and print) when I’ve gone through the long overhaul of the first 27 chapters. When completed, Book One will comprise of the first fifteen chapters and Book Two will cover chapters 16 – 27.

More to come…




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