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Hello Everyone. That’s it… we’ve made it to the conclusion of this first major story arc and turning point for our characters (which will actually become the first two books) in this long series. After more than 10 months, 46 weeks, 148 episodes and a total word count of over 460,000 words, we’ve reached the end… of the beginning.


For anyone that feels like the final chapter left you with more questions than answers, all I can say is that writing final chapters are extremely difficult in a series when future stories haven’t been told yet. It is also very difficult to meet everyone’s expectations (including my own). That being said, I shut out the daunting expectations and simply tried my best to remain true to these characters and let them guide me to this final point… and no further… for now.

I sincerely hope that some burning questions have been addressed, and I’m well aware of the new questions that have now been revealed late and left hanging until the next book. That’s right… there is another book pending.

It was my intent to leave you with some sense of closure at the end, as Gina’s group had now achieved their major objective: A place of safety. As everyone came into agreement that they could make this underground facility their new ‘home’ and defend it, so marked the end of being on the run since the world became hostile. It was also my intent to finally answer the question of what happened to serial killer, Russell Bower, by revealing this major cliff-hanger in the final scene that comes full circle back to the man we met at the beginning. And then… of course… there was the unfortunate death of Frank Carman. Love me or hate me for it, Frank’s death has been in the picture for a very long time. I did my best to do right by Frank, who I will also miss, as I let his own personal struggles and victory play out through his captivity and loyalty to Gina and the others. But rest assured, Frank’s story is far from over. We will hear from him again.

Moving on to what lies ahead: The next collective of stories in this series will begin several months later, after a long grueling winter, and show the evolution of not only our characters and the state of the world, but of the dead themselves. Many things will have changed and we will continue to learn more about veteran characters as well as some we’ve just met and some new characters we haven’t met yet.

We will delve into the backstory of our favorite medium, Meredith, and discover exactly what her ties are to this mysterious group that goes by the name, Mother.

There is a lot more to come as Gina and the survivors face new challenges with each other and the unforgiving world they have now inherited. But that, is another story. I’ve already begun plotting out the first few chapters and will begin writing the next installment after a much needed rest.

Be sure to tune back in when you can as I share more news about future DFTD projects that I will talk about in later updates.

For now, I want to thank everyone that’s been reading along, providing constructive feeback and supporting this project in any way you could, and for always encouraging me to keep pressing on to the end. Your support has been vital in pushing me along to get this much written so far. Feel free to tell me honestly what you think of Don’t Feed The Dark so far. I am always open to suggestions and feedback. If you have any burning questions, and if it is within my power to answer them at this time, I will gladly try to answer them.

That’s all I’ve got for now. I hope you have enjoyed the journey into the Dark so far. I know I have.

Until next time,


  1. Chi says:

    Frank and Greg were my favorite characters. Their deaths left me with my mouth agape, teary-eyed and trying very hard to process that they were just killed. Reminded me so much of GOT. At the end, you get your favorite people killed. =(


    • sscherr says:

      Hello Chi, I’m sorry that your favorite characters had to go. Believe me, I know how you feel. I’ve spent a long time with these people, telling their stories, and letting them, quite often, change chapters as they saw fit. I’ve often felt that I stopped being the writer of this story at some point, as these characters (the good, the bad, and the ugly) simply let me go along on this crazy ride with them into the apolcalypse as I wrote down what they imparted to me. Unfortunately, their world is an ugly one where even the good ones die. I hope you have enjoyed this tale and I look forward to seeing you again when the next books is finished. P.S. What is “GOT”? Is that another novel? Peace :)


      • Chi says:

        Will definitely wait for the next book. I just recently discovered the book online and spent a lot of nights catching up. =) Awesome story by the way. You made readers really despise the bad guys and love the endearing ones.

        P.S. GOT is Game of thrones. =)


      • sscherr says:

        Thanks again, Chi. I’m glad my characters came to life on the pages as intended. They pretty much carried this story along as they saw fit…lol. See you next time :)


  2. Mohamed says:

    Scott… Sir… You have no idea how inspiring, creative and amazing you are, I’ve been reading along since chapter 12 or so, and my God it only gets better and better, I could have never anticipated that plot twist at the end, I’ve always admired Frank and Marcus, and wondered what on earth happened to Russel…. Well, I guess I know now. I’m very excited for the journey ahead, and burning to know how Frank’s story is going to conclude, and also how Meredith’s ties with Mother will uncover. DFTD is one of the novels I enjoyed the most, and that I would forever cherish over many others. Thank you, Scott, thank you very much.


    • sscherr says:

      You are very welcome, Mohamed. I’m delighted to read your encouraging comments. It does my heart good to know that all the time and effort I put in to these characters’ stories meant as much to others as it did to me. I look forward to jumping in to the next book and seeing where this journey lands us next. Until the next one… peace :)


  3. genericIntent says:


    Again, I’ve really been enjoying this story, but I’m confused in some points:

    1) I thought Russell was the guy that got hit by a car and kept Tony prisoner early in the story.
    2) I also thought Astabula was the house that Tony was held in due to the radio invitations luring in survivors; I never understood why Tony didn’t warn them off from it.
    3) Were we supposed to believe that Charlie murdered Sam and that other guy in Andover? It was out of character, but I was convinced he’d somehow gotten more violent.

    Maybe those were intentionally vague red herrings. :-) In any case, I look forward to the next book!


    • sscherr says:

      Welcome back, genericintent. I’m glad you’ve enjoyed the story so far. You have guessed correctly on those ‘red herrings’. I knew from the start of this book that Russell Bower’s true identity would be hidden for as long as possible. The fact that he was actually one of our main characters under another name was an intriguiging challenge for me. I knew that I needed to present opportunities to misdirect the readers into thinking Russell was anyone but Marcus for as long as possible. The deranged CB broadcaster who was tricking people to come to him, only to end up feeding them to his zombie wife chained to the upstairs bed was meant to make readers wonder if this was the serial killer (I even threw in a vague description of a van out front that Tony discovers when he flees the house). But after that chapter was done, I knew that anyone paying attention to the timeline could figure out that Russell Bower could not be in two places at once since that all went down the same night. To add a bit more, I even attempted to misdirect away from Marcus/Russell when the recruits found his van all banged up but found ‘half’ a body behind the wheel. After the recruits had discovered the zombie Janet Schuler eating on the other half of the corpse in her garden, I wanted to give the impression that, Russell got what was coming to him when Janet found him at the van and got a little payback.

      So to answer your questions: It was actually the CB broadcaster and his wife that ran their car into Tony. The wife insisted on taking Tony home with them, right before she was attacked on the road (it was subtle, but Tony did recall her screaming in his flashback from the basement). Later, Tony even recognized her when he saw her chained to the bed.

      As far as why Tony never warned the others to stay away from the Ashtabula radio farce, by the time they reunited in Andover, Gina and the others had already abandoned that quest (all except for Charlie who never made it there anyway). I’d thought about bringing the subject up when Gina and Tony were talking about many things in the park, but it was not relevant at the time. However, it might be a relevant discussion between them at another time ;)

      As far as your last question, Charlie being in the area of Andover around the time Sam was killed was just more misdirection to hide what Marcus had done. You are correct, as derranged as Charlie had become… it was still not his style.

      I hope that clears up some things. And thanks for reading. See you at the next part of this journey :)


  4. Michael says:

    Scott, I thoroughly enjoyed DFTD! Find myself still thinking I have to call it up on M-W-F to get the latest episode. Oops!

    Like genericIntent, I too somehow missed the hints that Tony’s captor was not Russell. May have to go back and reread some of that with new insight.

    Meredith’s story has me intrigued. Also, if I’m not mistaken, Micom survived, did he not? After your revelation of the meaning of Micolad – machine in charge of life and death – I’m guessing Micom’s name is similarly formed. No public guesses from me though, in case you are saving that bit of information for later.

    — Michael


    • sscherr says:

      Hey Michael, I’m glad you made it to the end of this long, long story. I tried to offer some closure before the cliffhanger final scene. Now I’m set up for the bigger story I’ve been waiting to tell. Should be a lot of fun changes when I get there. Meredith’s got a hell of a backstory coming up that I’ve been saving. As far as Micom surviving… well… we shall see ;) You’re right about his name and it was first mentioned briefly in Chapter 18: Micom “Man In Charge Of Machine”… so there it is. As far as Russell (a.k.a. Marcus), his new persona took on a life of it’s own as the story progressed. I was afraid that I’d tipped his hand several times, especially when his killer “skill-set” stared to reveal itself, especially in the town of Jefferson. Can’t wait to get back to his character, now that “we” know who he is now.
      Thanks for reading. Now I’ve got a lot of revision work to do, and some dabbling on the outline for the next book. Should be fun :)


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