Notes and Updates


That is a wrap on week #44! As we continue the final chapter of Don’t Feed The Dark this week, I can report that we are just about at the half way mark (that’s right… this one’s gonna be a long one). Again, I can’t risk saying anything without accidentally dropping spoilers, so I’ll just say that episodes 7, 8 and 9 are going to be picking up the pace rather quickly. Damn, I wish I could say more. You’ll find out soon enough ;)

Anyway, on to the bad news. As many of you know, DFTD was originally scheduled to be completed in October. I wanted to be completed well before the holidays, but alas, it could not be avoided. That being said, I have decided to not post any new episodes next week during the Christmas rush. There is just far too much busy crammed into that week. So I will post episode 9 this coming Saturday and then Don’t Feed The Dark will go on a one week break while we all celebrate Christmas…

…But wait! There is an up side!

After this week, the final chapter of DFTD will resume on Monday, December 29th for the FINAL WEEK of the book. What this means is starting that Monday and running through Friday, I will be posting the final five episodes, one each day, so you all will get a five episode, action-packed, ‘Holy shit! What just happened!’ conclusion that will wrap up on Friday, January 2nd!

I do apologize for the break, but it could not be avoided. (Hell, I’m already behind on my Christmas shopping… lol.)

Well, that’s all for now. Back to work.


Once again, If you haven’t experienced The Dark yet, I encourage you to start from the beginning and stay awhile. Here’s a direct link to the start of the first chapter, titled, Demon Night.

As always, thanks to everyone that’s been reading along and supporting this project in any way you can.

Please continue to spread the word and help Don’t Feed The Dark find more readership. It’s why I’m doing this and I look forward to interacting with as many readers as possible.

Here’s a few ways you can you help:

Share my posts with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, your blogs, etc., and let them know I’m here. That’s the hardest part of this gig is just getting DFTD to the readers. Hell, it’s already free… lol.

Be sure to vote for Don’t Feed The Dark at “Top Web Fiction”. It requires nothing but a click by you next to my listing to help increase its standing, which raises its visibility among potential readers. You can vote for it every seven days and help me keep it listed.

You can also stay updated by coming on over to show your support by “liking” my Facebook page at:

Finally, and most importantly, if you’re enjoying the book, please leave a comment along the way so I know you’re still reading along. There’s nothing more encouraging and motivating then hearing directly from the readers ;)




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