Part Four-Sign of the Times


After 32 weeks we’ve finally reached the end of the first three story arcs. Part Three-Almost Dead has officially chimed in as the longest story arc to date with 7 chapters, 47 episodes and a total word count of over 139,000 words… whew!

It was always my intent to set a different tone and pace for each new story arc. Part One was a running-from-the-dead marathon, while Part Two slowed down and focused primarily on conflicts within our group of survivors as they traveled across the back side of nowhere. Part Three intended to pick up the pace and bring back more external conflicts (especially the dead) while injecting a lot more tension and showing just how crazy the world was already becoming by having it close in around our group. Part Three has more than met my expectations. I hope you have enjoyed the long ride so far.

Now, it’s time for the final arc of this long tale. Starting Monday, September 22, Part Four-Sign of the Times, will kick off with the usual three episode week and two additional “looking back” posts on Tuesday and Thursday. So the line-up will go as follows:

Monday – Chapter 23-1
*Tuesday – Special: The Living…
Wednesday – Chapter 23-2
*Thursday – Special: …and The Dead
Friday – Chapter 23-3

*Updated 9/22/14: I’m sorry to report that due to time restraints this week, the specials on Tuesday and Thursday have been cancelled.

As mentioned last week, Chapter 23-Recruits, will start on Monday and tell the tale of two brothers out camping with another group when The Change first occurred. Again, this chapter marks the first time since the early chapters where we will be looking at events prior to that crazy first night and hopefully pick up a few answers to questions pending along the way.

Here are the titles of the final five chapters of Don’t Feed The Dark:

Chapter 23-Recruits

Chapter 24-Blood Required

Chapter 25-Reunions and Departures

Chapter 26-Further Actions Pending…

Chapter 27-The Compound


Once again, If you haven’t experienced The Dark yet, I encourage you to start from the beginning and stay awhile. Here’s a direct link to the start of the first chapter, titled, Demon Night.

As always, thanks to everyone that’s been reading along and supporting this project in any way you can.

Please continue to spread the word and help Don’t Feed The Dark find more readership. It’s why I’m doing this and I look forward to interacting with as many readers as possible.

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