Part Three-Almost Dead


…And so ends the second story arc from Don’t Feed The Dark. Seventeen weeks, fifteen chapters, Fifty-six episodes and over 154,000 words later, we’ve finally arrived at Part Three: Almost Dead.

Starting Monday, June 9th, I’m celebrating the release of Part Three with another five episode week that will start with Chapter 16-Prisoners, a little horrific chapter that will answer some questions that have been lurking in the shadows of this long tale.

Here’s the complete line up for Part Three:

Chapter 16-Prisoners

Chapter 17-Dark Territory

Chapter 18-Micom and Micolad

Chapter 19-Get the Guns

Chapter 20-Welcome Home

Chapter 21-Goodbye Charlie

Chapter 22-Almost Dead

In these next seven chapters, I’ll be picking up the pace a bit, as well as the intensity level, as our survivors begin to discover that there are more horrors in their strange new world than they ever could’ve imagined.

The first three chapters will be taking a detour from the main story line as we discover what has been happening elsewhere in Northeast Ohio. Chapters sixteen through eighteen will set the stage for events pending, and will cover the next four weeks. Chapters seventeen through twenty-two will take us back to Gina’s group and show us how they’ve managed to get by as they head inland and into a much darker place. Again, that’s all I can tell you about what’s coming (no spoilers).

Part Three-Almost Dead will start Monday and will run through the summer, concluding late August or early September. From there, Part Four-Sign of the Times, will take us toward the endgame of this tale, tentatively ending mid-October.

There will be more to come as we jump into the fire and discover where this new story arc lands us.


Other than that, I’m still leaving Tuesday and Thursday alone for now to focus heavily on editing present and writing new material, but if I manage to find time, maybe I’ll post some additional stuff.

Once again, If you haven’t experienced The Dark yet, I encourage you to start from the beginning and stay awhile. Here’s a direct link to the start of the first chapter, titled, Demon Night.

As always, thanks to everyone that’s been reading along and supporting this project in any way you can.

Please continue to spread the word and help Don’t Feed The Dark find more readership. It’s why I’m doing this and I look forward to interacting with as many readers as possible.

Here’s a few ways you can you help:

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That’s all for now,


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