Part Two-Southbound Nightmares

…And so ends the first story arc from Don’t Feed The Dark. Six weeks, seven chapters, twenty episodes and nearly 46,000 words later, we’ve finally arrived at Part Two: Southbound Nightmares.

Starting this evening, Part Two will take a broader look at the mysterious outbreak that has not only struck Northeast Ohio, but the nation, as survivors begin to pick up the pieces and gather in one of the few places of refuge remaining.

Southbound Nightmares will revisit characters you’ve met and introduce several more as the struggle for survival and understanding continues.

As our survivors begin to gather what information they can and start to believe that the worst is over, they will discover that the storm, or what’s been called, The Madness, and The Change has only just begun to reveal its terrifying face…

To kick off Part Two, I’ve decided to post new episodes Monday through Friday this week.

Chapter 8: “State of Emergency”, will kick off this evening and run four episodes ending on Thursday.

Chapter 9: “Desolate Shores”, will start on Friday.

(Sorry, no spoilers)

I hope you’ve been enjoying The Dark and I want to thank all of you for supporting this project and for your continual encouragement. But most importantly, thanks for reading and joining me on this apocalyptic journey.


If you’re new to Don’t Feed The Dark, then you’re right on time to enjoy Part One: Dead of Night, which is now posted in its entirety. It’s the perfect time to start from the beginning and find out what happened that first long night when the dead demanded our attention and our immediate appearance on the lunch menu.

Chapter 1-1: Demon Night

Part One:  Dead of Night
2/10/14 – 3/21/14


Looking ahead into the future, Part Three: “Almost Dead”, is tentatively slated to start early summer.

Part Three-Almost Dead

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Well, that’s all I’ve got for now,

Zombie Dark 2



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