bug out bag

News stations interrupt regularly scheduled programming to announce that the dead are attacking the living. You’re at your place of employment (twenty-five miles from home) when you, and everyone else find out that your area is being overrun with cannibal-like killers on a rampage. You attempt to call loved ones but get no response. 9-1-1 lines are busy. There is still time to reach your car but people begin to panic all around you. You manage to drive to the freeway only to discover that your vehicle can go no further without riding over the top of a several mile long snake of vehicles that will not move. Then it happens: The undead reach the freeway. Panic prevails. You and everyone else are forced to abandon your vehicles and run… or die.

There’s no time to think. You quickly pop the trunk and retrieve your bug-out bag. You spot a crack in the wall of dead things storming the freeway. Looks like a field. You run for it… and keep on running…

The dead are relentless, tireless, you’re soon lost on a dirt road leading to God-knows where. Fortunately, you have supplies and the means to protect yourself that might help you survive long enough to get home.


The bug-out bag (or bail-out bag) is commonly referred to as a ready-made, short-term survival kit for emergency events requiring immediate egress in life-threatening situations. Its primary function is to help you get quickly away from danger with enough supplies (i.e., food, water, light, fire, clothing, shelter, medical provisions, weapons) to sustain you for 2-3 days until either rescued, or until you have rescued yourself.

Bug-out bags have been used by motorists, aviators, boaters, and military personnel. They have also been modified for the home when wanting to protect vital documents and personnel belongings in the event of fire or other natural disasters requiring a speedy departure.

Will you be ready to bail on a moment’s notice when attempts to evacuate your area have failed and the undead stand between you and your loved ones?

Having a bug-out bag ready might just save your life when a horde strikes and mass hysteria takes over as desperate people attempt to flee the area on foot only to find out they’re suddenly on the menu when they realize they were unprepared.


Courtesy of: preparing For SHTF




  1. Sofia says:

    This is one of the most informative and knowledgeable articles I’ve ever read. I’d like to appreciate your efforts especially the way you’ve explained everything along with video tutorials. I’m one of those people who are extremely cautious of any catastrophic event and would do anything to save lives. I already have bug out bags for fires, tornadoes and earthquakes and I’m thinking of maintaining a survival kit for myself now. I came across your blog today and I’m thankful you’ve helped me a lot in what I need to keep in it.


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