One of the best things about writing a serial novel is the cool people you get to meet along the way. One of those online paths led me over to Mike from ZombieFiction.net, a down-to-earth guy with a passion for promoting the zombie works of others. From my own experience, Mike showed nothing but professionalism and courtesy from our email correspondence to the finished result when he wrote his review of the first few chapters of my novel. I was very impressed and could tell right away that the folks at Zombie Fiction enjoy interacting with authors and take the time to review their works fairly and with insight that is rarely shown today.

My overall impression of ZombieFiction.net was that they meant what they stated best from their own mission statement:

“The goal of ZombieFiction.net is to support and help provide creators of zombie-related fiction with the publicity they need to get their project off the ground. This also benefits readers of zombie fiction; we can gradually build up a fantastic archive of stories, comics, serials and all manner of other zombie-related things.”

I encourage everyone to visit ZombieFiction.net and support their cause as strongly as they support the cause of the writers, which ultimately benefits the readers.


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